Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drawing Challenge : Dream

In Dream I grow invisible wings
and rise above
by a jet fuelled mind
toes tickling forest tops
avoiding power lines
out of danger
i soar

Do you have recurring dreams?
i do!
Fly on over to Woolfie Nadine, this week's hostess, to see more dreamers

xo milady


nadine paduart said...

recurring dreams are scary, even if they feel familiar, they give me an eerie insight in our subconscience, and then i remember how wild, and deep and dark our subconscience really is. you know?
luckily there are words, and there's art to soothe us, both of which you master splendidly.
i love those vague golden hearts in one of your drawings... they feel dreamy, stephanie...

Ariane Reichardt said...

Yes, dearest Milady,
I do have recurrently dreams.
And I dreamt of soar me over shimmering river Alster in Hamburg and see the white sailboats from above... I remember this wonderful feeling!

My dear sister of dreams,
I LOVE your 'abstract' painting! These lovely soft colours that wafts and breezes fills my heart and eyes... fantastic.
Which size is the painting?

x Ariane.

Patrice A. said...

what a beautiful dreamy drawings
I love it that you have wings in your dreams

sweet dreams

Unknown said...

Thank you lovelies,
Ariane, which painting ? I too have the wonderful feeling leftover in awake time...i remember stepping onto the window sill at my childhood home and flying all over the city- perhaps we've passed eachother in the ethers?!

nadine paduart said...

fun, fun, and more fun... i'll hold you to it, 2014 at the earliest. my, what spot will we find ourselves in by then? hopefully down that shiny river too.
cheers, love.

hanna-happenings said...

avoiding power lines :)

Patrice A. said...

dearest stephanie!!
thank you for your comment
you understood it so well

and how great would it be
to sit at your table
to talk and laugh
because we have to wait
before we can go down that Christo river

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Milady,
I mean 'Slumberland'...

The idea to come to the shiny river when the Christo-project will be realized is really alluring... like a dream.
xx Ariane.

Unknown said...

My friends, my online BFF' are ALL welcome to my home anytime. come see the wild west, feed my chickens,
pet my sheep. ride my horses.
come cook in my kitchen, talk late in the night wrapped up in blankets by the fire under the stars.
imagine what we could create!
thank you christo, Nadine, for the idea.
it would be grand!!!

sarapirat said...

very beautiful, sensitive!
isnt it interesting with reccuring dreams? or sometimes the dreams we dream that they feel like we've dreamt before, but actually we haven't.

this morning i dreamt i was photographing myself as a child, together with my family. it was a very strong image, still in my mind.

Color Land said...

Lovely dreaming drawings, sometimes I have wings in my dreams too....

Elisabeth said...

I always think I should read some books about those recurring dream, but I never do. Somehow I believe I don't want to know what goes on in the subconscience. Kind of like Nadine's comment. Familiar and eerie/a bit scary at the same time. Your dream does not look scary though. It's beautiful and full of air. I can smell the fresh air from a clear sky. See some foggy horses and feel my feet become light.

Elisabeth said...

Oh, and what an idea. A drawing gathering IRL and a Christo-happening. I'd say it's a dream! A dream for three years from now.

Unknown said...

feet light :)
thats just how it feels. sometimes there is danger licking at my feet, but i always manage to reach the peaceful freedom of the clouds.
ps forgive me ...what is IRL?

Ariane Reichardt said...

IRL - in real life,
dearest Milady Stephanie,
would that dream be fantastic. Thank you for the invitation... I am on fire!
And, sweetheart: Sure, I'm interested in a print... would be simply wonderful...
Love, Ariane.

Rachel said...

such beautiful drawings. I can't say I have ever had a good dream where I am flying, you see I am afraid of heights, even in my dreams!
so are we all meeting up for christo in 2014 (ish)
wouldn't that be a hoot?
we can dream...

Unknown said...

ariane, we can work out the print details via email!

Rachel, its funny, but i think i'm working out my own fear of heights in my dreams! open ocean water...well, thats another story!
Cristo Gathering!!!! but how could we wait so long?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be in this game, but I have too many projects going on.I always dream i'm flying or swimming and wake up because i laugh so hard...


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