Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its Rodeo time

Another year, another rodeo, and i turn around to see my baby's a lovely young lady

we ride in the parade and hootin and hollerin when someone does something impressive like this

My girl rides like nobody's business

like her daddy

we set up a picnic in the back of the ol red truck and watch the red neck ruckus up front and center

Rosie will be the Queen's attendant ..again. Let's just say there are old town politics that override riding skills.
it's disappointing, for her but she keeps her head high and rides like nobody's business!

this is officially the end of our summer, the chill in the air says " no more swimming in the river
and soon, we will be saying good-bye to these little guys.
cycle of life.
ranch, farm, country living.
i signed up for it
but that don't mean i can't be sad.

stay tuned for more of the country fair, kids and animals etc...this weekend.
xo milady

Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Sure

We have a new family member. His name is Ollie.
He is a dudley - a labrador retriever with blue eyes and a pink nose.
I like to call him Dudley Doodle.
It's a long story - but we ended up with him. How could we refuse? He came, unexpectedly
into our lives like someone else we've known and loved.
Remember this guy?
He even had a blue collar.
welcome back whoever you are!
don't worry about the sheep, she'll get over it.
xo milady

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Takes a Village.....

Husband (left) and friends burning the midnight oil. Tate was gluing the image on the inside of the card! ;/

Husband made me beautiful rustic frames for my prints. A happy customer, Jamie from Arizona.

The tea towels have arrived and left within the first few hours!

Me and Tate, who is not looking very cowboyish for a change.

Michele, my partner in crime who i lovingly call "my left brain". We've been talking about doing this for years, it's finally happening and to top it off, we actually had fun working together! :)

Here i am personalizing prints for display...I dip the ink then hold my mistake and the whole thing is ruined!

The Milady Productions cards were a big hit! Here is the Estate pack found at my ETSY SHOP

And Woodland pack of 3

Christmas pack too
IT takes a village to make anything happen. I am ever so grateful for those who helped me make this dream come back from its long long slumber...the response was overwhelming and encouraging. I made some significant connections in that little ol park of mine in Ridgway, Colorado.  True Grit with John Wayne was filmed in that very setting. (google it)
who knew?!
Up  up and Away!!!!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cruising the Hood

all photos by Morgan

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A little Space to Reflect and a really crooked bunch of photos

 So, what you ask, have I been doing? 
well, here is just a snippet. A peek, a quick dip in the daily life
of me.

I taught little children to  believe in fairies and make
inviting houses and gardens for them.

They named me Miss Margaloo and clung to my arms by the end of the classes.

I loved my little friends and their sweet creative spirits.

even if some terrariums got mixed up like a  blender.
Everyday i look to see whos living in my fairy forest
with as much anticiaption as my little friendsnever wanting this green
magical summer grass to end...

And lambie's wool needed cropping again
And my first born blossomed into a young lady
turned 16!
Lambie thought the piglets, Lola and Frederick. were her long lost babies

Some friends opened an artists co op this summer
where i have sold 8 paintings!

Driving back and forth to town in my favorite old red truck.
and by some miracle pulled off a successful show of milady productions - a product line of my art
 in our park last week! I won best booth :)

and POOPED but excited and motivated.
did i mention the new puppy?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm A Busy Girl

me 6 yrs
 in my daily attire: fancy silk slip and costume jewelry :)

hello my dears, mom, and looky loos!

I am a busy girl. The art show is in 2 days. Print hiccups, delays, over budget and schedule. It's hard getting
things done in a New York minute in Rural Colorado. People don't take the term "deadline"  seriously. I'm busy making it happen - by some miracle, come saturday i'll be sitting in my hand painted world selling, new cards, a few tins and every print i own. 
By some miracle. At least the weather is glorioius and my booth is situated under a 100 tree. :)

xo milady


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