Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At Peace with It

you know that feeling every now and again when you get a break from your life and are given the gift of perspective, perhaps through some old long lost friend or just a moment in the breeze as you look out at your own backyard and see your kids playing with your friend's kids in the halflit dusty evening and's all so perfect, i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be, i
really and truly am living the dream...well that is what happened this weekend.
The Peace with IT and the knowing that I am living the art I create.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


This girl speaks my language.

The language of blossoms and being small and comforted in a big wonderful world.


Monday, May 19, 2008

mommy long legs

Branding party BBQ, fresh rocky mountain oysters, Coors in bottles, kids playing in hay and poop.

I had a great weekend!

Spent most of the day in the blistering sun selling watermelon slices for Color Crew.(my non profit kid/art project -separate site coming soon) then finished off the day at a hay barn shin dig with a bunch of drunk cowboys.

Politics and hard core country folk...and my husband. Interesting AND entertaining.

This week is all about the children's book I'm working on. Too fresh and fragile to share at this point but rest assured, you will see it in good time!



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oso Grandioso

Oh boy, we have a problem, a big black hungry problem i call " Humphrey". Its Spring in the Colorado Rockies which means the bears are coming out of hibernation and wanting to EAT! ANYTHING! Its too early and cold for any native berries to fill their caverous bellies so its down the mountain to see what they can smell.

"yawn, i am starving!!! whats that smell? hmmmm i think i'll go down the mountain to the Rogers' buffet and see whats cookin. the people there are so nice, they leave me snacks in these big metal lunch boxes for me! oh what luck!!! a rotten birthday cake!
ooooh whats this?? fresh chickens? i LOVE fresh eggs! (one swipe and a few rips later) ah yes...a coop full of scraps and corn and CHICKENS...come here..i'm gonna getcha....rats!@! these chickens are crazy...i'll just eat the feed. that's just too much work for me."
I know he's dangerous but he's so dang cute. He's a big doofus...sits on his bottom like a big dopey circus bear staring at my tiny dog who is barking inches from his face..."whaaaat ? geez, some dogs..."
i'm off to have some of my large paintings photographed, ship 2 and deliver 1. milady is back in action.
have a happy day,

Thursday, May 8, 2008

the way i see time


its about time...i'm learning how i learn...seeing is believing .
i am hopelessly not very analytically minded. i have to see time like a preschool pie in order to manage it. i read this article on circadian rythmns and decided to draw it.
if i had my druthers, i'd do absolutely nothing but fiddle in the arts all day long. this way i can see when would be a good time to do all that grown up management stuff like pay the bills!

Bears, Lightning and Thunder

It rained like a m...... lastnight. wind, lightning, thunder and bears ripping through my garbage.
we always know when there is something "big" outside by the way our dogs bark. the nervousness in Pearl is the first giveaway. sure enough, there is a whopper of a mess out there this morning. for such a big animal, bears rip everything into itsy bitsy little shreds and spread it across a vast area.
its official, spring has arrived in the rockies.

artwise? its perfect weather for catching up on some interesting reading (part of my crash course in digital graphics), flip through some pretty books and zines, jot down my brainstorms in my respective journals. mornings are my favorite...i am a creative volcano of ideas -

good day everyone!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Seed Sowing

Well, the beets, carrots, brussel sprouts, kale, chard, collards and mesculun greens are officially in the soil.  Sweet peas, sugar peas and green beans too.  my sights are stretching out into decorating the acreage.  my goal this spring is to strategically place self sufficient plants that re-seed themselves, thrive in this mountain zone and most importantly, provide the feeling that my entire property is a fairy forest Tasha Tudor would be proud of.  quite the feat at 7000ft.

The Pikapackage Project is over for this round.  My package sadly didn't make it across the world in time but is slotted to go into the next one in July.  part of me is kicking myself for being late and another part is grateful for the extra time to set up my Etsy Shop  Pikaland is where i like to vacation.  Its a happy shiny place indeed! I had so much fun checking out all the artists involved, this helped me visualize my own shop and approach to selling online.  Thank you all creative souls! 

I'm an old world kinda crafter...i am so excited by the digital possibilities and frantically seeking knowledge to educate myself in the art of computer graphics.  I don't have time to go back to school!! (not to mention i live in the middle of nowhere) Thank God for the Dummies series!

On to the next cafe'!    Andiamo, a la proxima cafe!  a silly little saying  = stay on the course.




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