Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blossom 10 days old 008

someone is really really comfortable indoors. oops. i feel a story bubbling up in my head. hmmmmm the unconventional lives of Pearl and Blossom. off to the sketchbook!

xo milady

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sidetrack attractions

joseph cornell

max ernst

joseph cornell "I'm interested in spaces that exist within in our world, that are small worlds in themselves. They exist in the small corners of our houses, inside draws, books and matchboxes. They are under rocks, crocks of trees, in the envelope when your letter arrives or it could be the star pattern the seed made when you cut an apple in half. It is something that is hidden and fills you with wonder. It's another world within our world, and they can exist simultaneously. One can be an escape from the other. They are tiny, peaceful places, just like finding a quiet corner in an otherwise busy mind." written by a mysterious illustrator names Sally who I randomly found here while admiring the breathtaking work of Joseph Cornell while i was supposed to be looking for some good pics of Calder's Circus to print out for the art show tonight. Did i mention i have art triggered ADD? Ha!
xo milady

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feed Store

Drove quite a ways with miss Blossom in a laundry basket to get some special feeding advice from old men with suspenders that look like yellow yardsticks. We rode with the windows down and enjoyed the new air. I "heart" farm town America.

xo milady

Its here! Its here!

Spring is here my friends....and i am happy.
xo milady

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blossom & Dot

Sheep milady in my etsy store
hello, i'm cute

are you my mother?

Rosie and Blossom

sweet little miss Dot

Meet my new love, BLOSSOM.

I recently had a birthday, April 16th to be exact. I felt old . It was a miserable snowy day and nothing about it felt unusually special. A friend left a message about some bum lambs that needed mothering. I had a naughty warm feeling in my heart...and said YES without even telling my husband. Next thing I knew, I was at a lambing shed looking at 1000's of sheep and as many newborn babies. Mr. Field, being a hardened sheep farmer, still had a softness in his way which made the sad bits a little easier. Life and Death. The lessons of farmlife. At the far end of the barn was a little lean -to with warm orange lights and dozens of little wooly newborns and a super nice lady with a baby bottle. Knowing I was coming, she picked a hopeful one out for me....may I introduce....BLOSSOM.

I will be documenting Blossom's progress with a Flickr because, well, i'm slighty obssessed with her. I actually took 2, Dot a teeny little twin who never really had a chance to nurse in the wee frigid hours after birth, stole my heart with her floppy bunny ears and single black dot on her side. I slept with her by my side all wrapped in towels. I held her all day in my lap - a riduculous late spring snowstorm had us housebound. Rosie and I watched the Boy in the Blue Pajamas...a quiet deeply sad movie about the holocaust, while Dot lamely swallowed drops of sheep formula from a syringe. I put her down for a short bit when she peacefully slipped away.

Of course, we all wept.

On a happy note, Miss Blossom is well, blossoming! She is smarter than a puppy and I am totally in love.
The nice farmer said, "you just don't know...some just don't have the will to live"

Blessings Miss Dot.

xo milady

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter cont...

I can't stop with the Easter images. its all so delicious to my eyes and thoughts. It was a miserable snowy wet day but we made the best of it.
Still, its my favorite. :)

xo milady

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rite of Spring

A German Easter egg tree

lovely collection of rare vintage european cards

Easter makes me want to have a baby.
xo milady

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter





Have a wonderful Easter, cheers to new life, growth and renewal.

xo milady

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Into the Blue

We picked up our piglets yesterday. Drove miles out across what seemed like the dried up bottom of a lake with mobile homes stranded on cinder blocks. Dirt, dust, more dust and then the pigs. I am still struggling with this whole deal, the committment to 4-H, the inevitable exit of my new farm friends...the dusty, nasty image of pig farming etcetera, etcetera.
Now that the 3 little pigs are here I am feeling a little better. You can't deny that they are CUTE and I guess its a good thing that they don't really like me. I am slowly learning how to let go of kissing everything and be a real farm girl who by the way is not a vegetarian - yet. Im getting so hard and rough that i've decided to raise a few turkeys and chickens too. Stay tuned , i may have ALOT of pets come fall.
UPDATE - they are starting to like me. uh oh.
xo milady

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring cuteness

I've been working on a post about my blog travels to Italy & Sicily the past week and am having such troubles getting it to look right that i've given up. Instead, i'm sharing a little fun something i bought the other day...for $1.99 ... a Golden Book illustrated by Richard Scarry that i've never seen before. (impossible!) It is so cute it make me chuckle inside which is good cos its snowing again and im soooooooooooooooo ready for spring. My son helped me select the pages.

Chuckle chuckle!

xo milady


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