Monday, June 30, 2008

little visitor

I thought i'd share a little bit about my day at the art farm. today is a perfectly crisp summer day, and a wee little visitor has been in my house all say. Yes, its real, that little birdie perched on my faux blossom branches in the living room. Isn't it sweeeeeet?

sooooooo excited about PikaPackage tomorrow!

xo milady

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sweet Slumber Dreams

There is a place i seem to be longing for, a place i knew well but can't quite remember, a place where summer evenings lull me to sleep with the sound of dogs barking far away and birds chattering their sleeptime songs...its a place where children go to bed before it is dark and see- through curtains float with the breeze. I think this bed would be in this place.

xo milady

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wishing always matters

This artists' work flips my skirt all the way over the rainbow. Click on this link ( and have a look...she's amazing! She also has an etsy shop

Milady bows before her! I think I'm in love.

In A Time When Wishing Mattered
The Van Buren Children travelled at Night
Beth and Adeline at the edge of Poppy Field

Sheila Builds a Sandcastle

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweet Serendipity

Little Monster by Cori Dantini

Striking Thought by Cori Dantini
I am hooked on Etsy. Its day 2 for me and i've already been chosen as someone's favorite!

Not just any someone but Cori D. from the first PikaPackage. I am so happy. What was so serendipitous was the fact I opened up Etsy to see the latest picks and noticed a most stunning blue bird image , went to it and accidentally clicked on this person's favorites and saw one of my pieces...i investigated some more to find that I have this lovely artist's site in my bookmarks. And then "poof" i got lost and couldn't find the bird or how i got to her page.

Crazy wonderful weirdly perfect universe!
Thanks Cori !

xo milady (
(I also stumbled upon another new fav thanks to her) Amanda Blake, wow. will share next but now its bedtime

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

July Pikapackage time!

Its that time again! the big PikaPackage reveal #2. I actually got it together for this one!
check it out I just opened my shop and am slowly adding new prints to the menu, it is so fun to wake up and see that someone has been peeking while i was sleeping!
When i saw my print on Pikaland's website my tummy did a little flip. AMY NG is some kind of art angel...she has been so wonderful to me! Thank You Amy! - xxoo milady

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Truth

The Truth of the Matter is i'm waking up. Waking up to myself as an artist, a dreamer, a creator, a tinker, a mother, a person with a chronic illness who still feels the future is laid out before her like a glistening yellow brick road but it ain't just me and my little dog too...its a whole bunch of people and animals and a life i've created that requires alot of me. Its all good, make no mistake, yet i find myself yearning for aimless me time more and more. It is in this dreamy doodle time that the big ideas emerge out of twisted ink and colored pencils. This time is golden and often robbed by all that must be done. This blog is my way of keeping the golden flame aglow.

xo milady

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Esty Shop is OPEN!

okay, so it took 2 months for me to make my own banner but here it is...i'm now on the hunt for new fonts and tutorials on layering, filters etc..etc... I will be adding items to my shop a few at a time so stay tuned!

xo milady

Friday, June 13, 2008

red shoes

I have a thing for red shoes, not just any red shoes, but magical red shoes. they make me feel happy. maybe its the Dorothy aspect, or the romanticized childhood charm...i dunno...its just a love of mine.
again, its so reassuring to discover that others do too. here are a few of my latest finds out there.
Ruby Slippers -

something i found

another red shoe lover artist

red birkenstocks...not so cute sideways

need i say more?

and these little numbers i am purchasing from Sundance so i too can play.
xo milady


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