Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midsummer's Eve

Midsummer eve chores. Turning dirt, watering garden, sending aliens into black holes. For a moment the light shifts and turns on the crickets, the frog songs and bird lullabies. The air is fragrant and cool to my nose. Perfect and still.
I go to check the piglets and turn to see this: Blue on Red in Green. mmmm

then this...wherever Milady went, her lamb-dog was sure to go....

and this crappy ol wire fence so delicately strung along the back drive with weeds so lovely it makes me sigh....

Bandito wants some goodnight love, so i stop and bid him well...the sun softens still into pinks and lavender ...
telling all lits time to be still and listen to the distant night songs of trucks and tractors going to their barns

while the night pulls her dark shade up the mountain higher still

until all we see is the golden crown on red rocks and know its time to go in.

xo milady

Monday, June 28, 2010

Aliens and Spaceships

golden scalloped squash aka SpaceshipsI think Blossom may be an alien

These two are kissing
no, really.

The Aliens...aka potatoes
(notice the audience forming in the background)

"doo doo doo ...take me to your leader.."

This one has
lots of body parts"ahhh my spaceship, where is my spaceship?!"
(then non stop boy noises and alien distress.)
it all culminated in the freshly prepared bed of rich soil, taken from last year's poop and grass and folded in, shovel by shovel, to the new bed where the aliens got sucked into black holes...complete with all the sound effects.
Morgan and I gardened til it got dark. Awesome.
xo milady

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Their Valley

Their valley i call Home. To imagine them here, living respectfully with the seasons, honoring their hunt, but most of all living, laughing, loving like any person, makes me feel like the European imposter i am. The more i learn the less i know. I'm fascinated and famished for more information. Did they once dwell where my house is now? Did little children play in the forest as mine do? Do they know i am on their side?

Amazing pictures
I met this man who is Chief Ouray's great great grandson. Roland McCook. What a lovely lovely man.
He talked about the Ute culture. They do not even have a word for good-bye. They say " see you again". The need for such a word didn't exist, for to them, there is no end. They also had no curse words. No intentions to will negativity on anyone. Interesting.
This is all part of my history cramming for the Ghost Walk launching July 4th.

xo milady

Monday, June 14, 2010

Got Ghosts?

Chief Ouray (oooh-ray) and Otto Mears
This is what i've been working on...just what i need...another thing to oversee.

I live in a unique area next to an in tact victorian mining town that is filled with legend and lore about its original inhabitants. A true Western town, pioneered by brave and greedy souls in search of their fame and fortune. I have created a little entertainment for the tourist season to make a little $ and have a little fun doing it. I have read more history books in the past 2 months than i have in my entire life. It sounds stupid, but i had no idea, really, of how we (non native american) got here. Just in case anyone wonders... I am on the Ute's side. :)

more to come on this subject

xo milady

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hoe down

time to plant. finally. so late up here in the mountains. i'll be buying starts this year except for carrots, beets, greens and onions. i'll have to add some extra protection from you know who...:)
xo milady

warm wind and water

The soft fragrant wind of the desert in spring, so beautiful and vital for this weary winter whipped soul of mine. note* no colors have been altered in the making of these photos.
i know, awesome.
xo milady


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