Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drawing a Life

fairy tales are homefeodor rojankovsky
in a past lifevintage German figurines 
keeping notes to try to remember
and bring it back to the home art farm not mine but i wish!

i am finding my way back tostefano vitale's studio

"Making up as we go along..." more talking heads!

Thank you for accompanying me on my journey!

xo milady

Saturday, January 29, 2011


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Its where i want to be
lift me up and take me there
- talking heads

Take the Home tour: This week's drawing challenge thanks to Elisabeth!
Anyone else? Comment and i'll link you!

*Next week's theme : Sky Scenery chosen by Lilli at Trollringen* let her know if you're "in".

*Last week's drawing challenge  Elisabeth at Textilspanieln , Paper Doll*

xo milady

I am so sorry for the wouldn't believe the interruptions, technical failures, the crashing computer....unbelievable and not worth explaining.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

It's that time of life again. That time of year. When I feel the restless seedlings of dreams awaiting birth rustle and crack somewhere deep in my being.
yes! yes! i'm still here!
What shall I be when I grow up? What will it all look like? Where am I going?
WHY do I have to know?!
I search the world and drink in her gifts, through others eyes, others' craft. I sift and compare.
" maybe I could do that" or "perhaps that's what i should be doing".  In other words, instead of doing I'm watching.

New Years bring new reflections. I look back at the earth's revolution that caused my age to inch up another number.
The answer is always the same..." follow your art".
The mystery continues...

xo milady

Amanda Blake's Enormous Tiny Show   damn the recession!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paper or Cheese Doll?

my paper doll

hans christian anderson

                                                                American "Cheese"
                                                                 my husband loves this crap!

Well, its Saturday here in the U. S.which has bought me a little time to make a paper doll per Elisabeth's challenge.  Here it is...(and i'm sheepishly hiding behind the time difference instead of admitting that i am late!)
Morgan has decided to make a paper robot out of american  cheese.  Frankly, the best use of that hideous saturated glob of an excuse for cheese! 
I learned something upon doing this little exericse.  I think too much. I stall,  I question, I critique.  My hands shake and my eyes are hating their new glasses.  I am happiest when the ink just falls from the brush, wonky and incorrect.  I didn't get to that smudgy  imperfect place where I felt satisfied and finished. But it was already Saturday in Sweden, Australia, Germany...people are waiting!
So here it is, the stiff little lady whose clothes will not fit properly because of my inattention to accuracy.
she's cute though, and her little lamb too.
Thanks Elisabeth for the nudge. Let's play some more!

xo milady

Sunday, January 16, 2011


As the details were stencilled on the excitement mounted
The creatures now had rocks to stand on and plants for food.
everyone felt so proud to be the ONES to finish the masterpiece.
They even took the scaffolding down and carried it away happily.

The Color Crew and Concrete Couch   evening of day 4
what was once a plain endless wall at school is now a dream.
They voted and named it.
"Foothill, to Mountain to Desert OH MY!"
 Then ate 3 giant pizzas and ran around like maniacs!

xo milady
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The 7 & 8 year olds came for their art time. One whole hour we got them.
We gave them the biggest task.  Connect the tiles in some way that tells a story.
A color story.

We set them up with a skyline made from their own drawn and cut stencils on recycled cereal boxes.
And had a little chat about where the tiles liked to live and how they could be masters of the universe and create a place where'd the creature would be happy.
The landscape erupted without hesitation. Blues and greens and hot desert orange appeared as if by magic.

                                                                                                        Hi Morgan.
A river flowed from a faraway waterfall in the montane making a freeway for turtles, fossils and fish.

And suddenly what was floating in isolation became at home in its world.
to be continued...
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Drum Roll Please....

We've finished the mural.  4 days. 100+ kids. A handful of adults.


This project relies on child involvement, design and installment.  Nothing could be more fun than destroying the school with permission! The other side of this wall is the library.  We got in trouble for making too much noise.  Doesn't my boy Roscoe look great in pink?!
After the children grouped the tiles into environmental "families" they began to install them, mixing mortar and using trowels like real builders.  The story started to unfold.
They were quite sure where everything went. No second guessing. No wondering if it made sense.

After painting the mortar to match the wall we all stood back and wondered...what's next?
That would be revealed the next day.
Enter 7 year be continured.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Im Alive!

I'm alive. I am busy. It's because of....

these kidsand their tiles
this space
this guy

100+ kids, their handmade tiles, a huge wall, a bunch of masonry mud, tools and alot of imagination = a suprise mural to be finished this friday.

not even I knows how it will turn out. its kid designed, created and installed.
stay tuned for the unveiling!

Color Crew - my public art project

xo milady


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