Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Show and Tell...Apifera Farm's Katherine Dunn

I have wanted to showcase this wonderful person for a while now but seeing that my spotty blogging has left my readers wandering for greener pastures, I hesitated.I am so moved by her animals, crazy for her art and inspired by her online presence! OH! how i wish I could be as organized! She feels like a kindred spirit to me. You know...i've always wanted a goat and a donkey to love ;) But I am inspired this very moment so here it goes....
not to mention I dreamt of Blossom again lastnight.

Katherine Dunn...Apifera Farm
There is a lady named Katherine Dunn who lives on a farm in Oregon. (hey, that rhymes! )
3 Art Cards of Stevie the Goat with Story Inside

She bakes and gives to Man & Donkey alike

whilst creating and making with braids in flight
the young and the old are all worthy at the farm

living a safe and peaceful life...finally from harm. 

you can donate and help her help them
And help her publish her book here             
I've donated! 

There is so much here to love I could hardly focus! Please visit her world and her art for yourself.

Everything this woman does is an inspiration.

xo milady


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