Saturday, March 26, 2011

Drawing Challenge : Blossom

Hello My Lovely Blossoms! Spring here means more snowstorms which means fickle internet. The sun has come out! So, here you go. enjoy and don't forget to smell the roses at all these lovely participants!
                              elisabeth ,patrice,ariane,citalli,woolf,rachel,fru mju,jasmin,hanna 
                                            any others? please let me know!

                                                                       elsa beskow

                                                                    jean jacques grandville

A little of me and a little of others...this week, i'm clearly enchanted by the wee folk who live in blossoms.
And don't forget my Blossom, coming up on 2 years old next month!

xo milady

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



 abededaire by francois huotin

 dish design for Hermes

dioscorides ancient greek medical illlustrations

hermes window display Paris

my sketchbook and beloved ink pot

 yves taralon & francois huotin in francois' atelier

Nadine, this is for you! I was intrigued too so I went on a little google adventure and found that the alphabet
was created by this wonderful man : Francois Huotin, a not so vintage frenchman. I was sure the image was from the 1800's if not earlier.  fascinating! Then, I read on to learn that he was a trained landscpape architect ( a career path I was once on)  who mostly creates fantastical garden designs in old world etched perfection.  yum!  Then, I realized that he is the artist of some beautiful dishware by Hermes I've been lusting over!  And to top it off? The picture of his atelier I had saved as my dream studio inspiration is his!  God! i love that. :) when it all clicks! ...and that was an intended pun! :)
ink, parchment, France and twisted tree limbs...a sweet stirring in my soul today.
dreaming of blossoms,

xo milady

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Letter

I have internet again. sort of. machinery took a hit from the latest wet spring snow storm
But, alas! here is my post for saturday's challenge hosted by the Belgian Beauty, Nadine.
An S  because it is so fun to draw
SMR my initials and logo
an inky alphabet
and an unknown duo of inky lettered loveliness

This week's theme is BLOSSOM
hosted by moi.

xo milady

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Drawing Challenge : Bird

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Wonder of Birds
Spring is upon us
Elisabeth is hosting this week. I wonder how Spring is in Sweden?
someday i'll get there. someday.
most favorite bird movie ever
xo milady

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Computer is in hospice

so sad, but not really. it means i will finally be upgrading and going back to Mac! i'm conserving her strength.
so afraid if i turn it on it'll crash and i'll lose all my files!
at least i can check email and post boring messages like this one on my daughter's macbook.
i know, that's not ok.
she has one and i don't


xo milady

Friday, March 4, 2011

Coincidence, NO?

oscar wilde

milady productions

Anonymous Works is a really fun way to find odd, beautiful things. Quick, easy, like Tumblr.
I am sooooo busy its nuts! Good busy though. Lots of exciting projects in the works, things I can't
share with you yet - but I hope the wait will be worth it!
Color Crew, my kid/public art project, is gearing up for a lantern parade in April. Commissions in the studio, changes for Milady Productions and just good green spring vibes in the valley! Saw our first new neighbor yesterday, a tiny ,wobbly black calf. :) Oh, and i'm looking for a orphaned goatie.  hee hee

Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde    must get

xo milady


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