Friday, March 26, 2010

Born Smiling

got kinda busy this week and the birthday boy is sick in bed ! :(
this kid deserves a much better post...perhaps this afternoon.....
xo milady

Monday, March 22, 2010

Morgan's Monsters : 1

we're getting ready for morgan's birthday. these robots are 100% morgan made. they are part 1 of our party preparations. you will see them again....!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring & Stitches

pixegenne's flickr

Happy 1st day of spring to all!
today im drawn to stitches and sewing...not that im doing it, just admiring the patience and peacefulness of such crafts.
It snowed almost 2 ft yesterday and lastnight.
The following blogs made my house arrest not so bad and got me thinking about stiches and spring.

tiny happy
little byrd
cathy cullis

Thursday, March 18, 2010

County Clare Cont...

an etsy find

today is the day after St Patricks day.

lastnight the boys got their green milk, ate their pickles and enjoyed a piece of homemade cheesecake with green polka dots.

i think Morgan is happy now.

just to make sure, i dyed the eggs green this morning.(i am pretty sure no one in Ireland does such ridiculous things!)
after i posted, i went to bed thinking of Irene, Ireland, my roots, my freckles, ened up watching a little tv and what was on? my favorite show destination truth! whats this? exploring the cliffs of Mohr in search of fairy folk?! now thats what i call good mindless tv.

but i fell asleep. rats.

i did however get a glimpse of the cliffs, the pubs, the people which was the perfect ending to my day.

fascinating folklore - im not a big sci-fi type person but i do love folklore!

favorite Irish-y cinema:
into the west love those little irish brothers!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


ciao bella photography
the cliffs of mohr county clare

this is a tired post. it is St. Patricks day. my son didn't get his green milk this morning and then came home upset that i didn't send him to school with a green muffin. i used to stay up late and scatter gold nuggets of chocolate around the house, cook irish themed food all day and tuck them in bed with stories of leprachauns and magic.
this year, pickles. thats right. i bought a jar of pickles. they're green right?
i didn't think they'd notice.
on a lovelier note, today reminds me of someone special. my grandmother Irene Slattery. when she passed, my father took a special trip to the cliffs of mohr and scattered her ashes into the sea. she loved it there as it is the place of her ancestry. i miss her so so much. someday i will go there.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

This White

not this white my property, can you see blossom?
my left foot

this white home collection its doing it again, snowing like crazy. i have design envy of all things white. looking to mix the rustic with lightness. this happens to me every year about this time. oh, how i need the blossoms of spring! you see, my house in way up in the mountains, made of stone and heavy timber.
colors and moods

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning Train

Olaf Hajek , Berlin
follow me on my morning train around the world over a cup of coffee. picture this, its mid march and it looks like christmas outside. a white out. again. when the sun does come out i can look forward to mud up to my ankles. i'm more than ready for a tulip or 3! getting the picture?

kids off to school, me still in pj's, clean up a little, just enough so i can justify time spent what im about to do...start my day waking up the artist in hibernation & go on a little adventure, knowing full well i'll get lost and wander, happily i might add, into other artists work, worlds, which lead me to other artists worlds etc..etc....
all aboard?
let's go!
1. check my blog, no comments :( feeling alone in the world... ) boo hoo

2. think 'll go to Pikaland (good day miss Amy!) and see what's up with Benconservato's monster giveaway

3.then, some delighful kitties catch my eye on the left side bar, click, ah yes!Jamie Shelman (get stuck over here for a while and do some homework for assignment#6
4. what's this? her blog? click, click , click (get jealous of people who go to museums and wear nice coats and eat fancy macaroons ) and find....

5. Carson Ellis and Catherine Campbell,oh yes, i remember these guys! and then the Devon Rex kitties which remind me of dear Elisabeth.
6. here i also discover Olaf Hajek, get lost in his wild bouquets... and Sarah Mcneil, had to check her out because she reminded me of my life in Sydney and trips to Manly where i too could enjoy gelato and wear something on my feet other than snowboots. at some point i discover this delightful little film. so cute.
7. save , click , fight with text links..lose my entire train route of hyperlinks...want to cry...

8. backtrack my steps and redo all the links... look outside. still snowing. 9. alot of time passes ... freezing cold, still in pj's, i'm back from my travels.

11. who wants to do taxes anyway?

xo milady
ps thanks to all of the above for an inspired morning adventure!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Do you have feelings leftover from memories of flight?
i do. i think its what makes me love this
music and film : Winged Migration. i listen to the soundtrack in the car, the kids think its weird. someday they will be glad that i planted all these foreign artsy seeds in their heads.
the photography of
Tom Chambers makes me wish i was a pro at photoshop. i could sit at my computer and knit together reality and fantasy whilst listening to my weird bird music.
xo milady

Friday, March 5, 2010


i can't stop thinking about the story behind the malnourished baby bear found on a road near where i live. what happened to her mama? why is she out of hibernation so early? why is she starving? the story

sweet little bear.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello Ink

i opened the ink pot today. it had been so long the lid was stuck.
"just start somewhere...just do it" a good voice counselled and soon ideas were taking form and stories unfolded. pages filled with visual to-dos. i've got alot, alot of work ahead of me!
why had i waited so long?
charming zodiac illustrations by krize smiling shop


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