Friday, June 28, 2013



The show is nearly here .  So much more to finish!
It's been so hot but the Mosquitos have taken over the cool evening air 
I so do love to work in .   Off to the sizzling studio!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Well folks, I finally did it, made that website i've been talking about forever.
It's a new start to an old dream. I will continue to tinker with it and add pages. It's nice to refresh!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art Farming

Magic standing in front of a large canvas tacked to my barn door - She wants a treat that's
inside the door :)

There is another art farm I've discovered - someday I'd like to go there . It's not far from here and looks very interesting.  

Farm Love

"All creatures through their single imagination are aware of other creatures, seemingly gained by the helpful hand of natural selection, but what explains consciousness, as it may not be an evolved state: imagine consciousness closer to a chemical continuity across the spectrum of all plants and animals, simply arising as a property out of increasingly complex chemical interactions, and like our bodies’ specialized cells racing amok from the never-ending chemical addendum we blend into nature’s stew, consciousness continues expanding, unsympathetic to our aims on this mortal coil, as we are to the aims of worms and cockroaches while we grapple with life’s incoherence."


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bird Brain

Hello friends!

ART    One of my most favorite things about summer is the birds. The lovely little songbirds voices carrying me throught the day and leading me into night. It changes, you can tell, if you listen. The hoot owl deep in the dark.  The sketches are for fabric which will part of an amazing collaboration I am working on for my next art show in July.  "Sleeping with Nature"  in Telluride and part of Art & Architecture Weekend.

FARM   My farm is settling into itself without Blossom.  Who knew what an absence she would leave.
The only solace I can find is in planting flowers where I dare not before...Blossom was a free soul, frree to wander up to the house, sit on the porch, nap on the flowers were safe!
We did get 2 babies. Remy, my chosen little love, didn't want anything to do with me...ran away from me!
She was already a good 2 months old and didn't know me like Blossom did. So I chose 2 others because you know, a lamb will die from a broken heart if left alone...that night, one of them did indeed die. I couldn't take it...the one left over was so sweet and loved people..but there was a problem...he was now alone. I couldn't face the possibility so we made a decision to take him back - back to his friends, whose fates are unthinkable.  I won't post a pic of him - too heartbreaking - cos he was indeed ADORABLE.
Everything about him made me miss Blossom even more - how "trained" she actually was, how calm and loving she was, how special and irreplaceable she was.
He is happy with his people...about 8 other bums, the gang. We visit him and are working on finding homes.

ME  I have built a new website   with the thought of using Milady Productions as my shop.  The bones of the site will be live TODAY!. Please come and have a look! These matters take me a long time - since i'm distracted by birds and lambies and painting. :)
I decided to go for it and continue shaping it as I go...isn't that the way of life?

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves, are surrounded by things and creatures you love and love you and are doing what you love.



Sunday, June 16, 2013

Faith Elizabeth Hough: Dear Artist

Faith Elizabeth Hough: Dear Artist: Be not afraid. I've come to believe that there is no greater danger to artists than fear. Living takes courage. Doing what you love ta...


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