Friday, October 28, 2011

Our Lady of Creative Chaos

Our Lady of Creative Chaos
lambie love = peace

originally sketched for the 9/11 drawing challenge

edward robert hughes
Taking a break amidst this creative whirlwind to share a little someone with you.
I like to call her Our Lady of Creative Chaos.

She wears stars in her hair like a crown
and sometimes looks like a big bright blue bird
She carries all souls
Like a Mother to her Babe
                                                             SHhhhhhhhh She says
I'm here
Right Here
in the center
of your wild dance.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Development : Drawing Challenge

Development - fitting title for my peek out of the clouds.
the holiday rush is on

as i prepare for another show early November

though still in season with greens and orange all around

my ink finds its way to December's images

whilst the half-life wannabees stack and wait in the studio

and our baby Ollie develops into a massive beast before our eyes!
 Visit tour hostess, the Queen Ariane for more on these developing stories!


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