Tuesday, February 12, 2013


well, the show is UP, the parties are a success and i am recovering!!  I have so much more to share and will bit by bit.


xo milady

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Studio Company

I love this girl, how she's so moved by her art and how beautiful and strong it all comes out.

 she keeps me company :)

xo milady

She's my go to studio pal.

Monday, February 4, 2013


My show is just around the corner! Check out Telluride Arts for more info,\ &  show description.
The following is a statement about my process and ideas. It was edited heavily for the masses, but I thought i'd share my unadulterated version for you guys as well. always a challenge to be honest yet accessible.
I so look forward to sharing the show with you. stay tuned!

Press release version.


Stephanie Morgan Rogers

inspiration :  I have always been fascinated by the sky and where it meets the earth and where we fit in as people fleeting from one realm to the next.  History, dreams , folklore and mythology a have always inspired and provided me with the framework for my version of these timeless wonders.

Processes:  the ideas for work are always with me and part of how I make sense of where I am, and what I’m doing quite literally, on earth! always starts with a feeling like I’m on a hunt spurred on by imagery that pulls me in , beckoning me to take a second look , challenging me to find the next clue where then my own imagery starts to reveal itself. It’s as if the work calls me to give to it life…my job is to listen and take good notes and tell the story visually.

Meaning: Heaven and Earth concept is about dichotomies  - What’s visible and what’s unseen. As above so below and so on. I’m not so much interested in the black and the white but the grey – that magical intersection where the 2 realms mix. 

Characters/ Imagery:  I am interested in rural life,  “salt of the earth” daily work and how the seasons affect that work and the relationships between people, animals, weather etc...living close to the land gives me a unique perspective.   

My work has been described as a seamless blend of Old World ambience and American Folk Art – which I think says it all.  Although I move around and use different media – and in this show – giant tin shapes inspired by 15th century ex votos – my work continues to explore the endless possiblities of making sense out of life, here on earth.

Enjoy the journey


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