Monday, April 30, 2012

April so far cont...

on the Art Farm, a large portion of it is spent inside. inside from the cold, inside my head...dreaming of images, creating and inventing.

As soon as the snow melts we venture outside
not with skis but horse trailers

excited and cautious of the ever fickle mountain weather we prepare the garden yet debate the planting

this year, however, the sun came early and blessed the ground with green and buds

the air promises us a long season as we look around and assess winter's damage .( there is always alot to be done!)

and get back in the rythmn of farm life .
piglets coming soon. :)
yee haw!
 on the Art Farm, life is busy. spring and summer bring me the most joy. for it is when my dreams in paint come to life.

farm art
xo milady

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April so far

Its been a blur of a month! So much is happening but that means I am B U S Y!  So here are a few pics to illustrate some significant events of late.
Easter, the egg hunt in the Fairy Forest, little people's first egg, Me and Lambie's birthday and the ever so exciting and glittering highschool prom.

Hope you are all well and full of Spring energy!

xo milady

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Aquarius

Norwegian Creation Myth

pondering mythology

Unce upon a dream...

i sense winged beauties spiralling

from an
unknown source (pic)

Aquarius, blue, water and wisdom
I think of my mother
our Mother
and the infinite mystery

Its homework for a book project
a bit of a secret for now
but you will be seeing it more and more!
xo milady

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Camp and Clogs

Isn't it strange and wonderful when
you have a thought about something
then find it on the web

I was looking for my beloved red clogs
getting ready to do some photos
with Blossom etc...
the clogs that make me feel like
I couldn't find them anywhere in my house
but i did find

what a woman!
8 kids and red clogs!

Dottie Angel's workshop by ACE camps 
Angela Ritchie of ACE camps is a genius! She gathers amazing artists all over the globe and creates workshops. I love her Pinterest too. Great finds of all kinds!
If I had a million dollars...(sing the song)

I'd go to every one. Just for fun. Cos, how often do you get to meet someone else on the planet who loves red clogs as much as I do?!

at least i know where my red truck is :)

xo milady

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WINNER has been picked!

Its the afternoon of GIVEAWAY announcement - i almost forgot!

Had to do something special, how could I not?

After selecting delicious paper and penning each of your names...

I set out to find my assistant for the day

She was happily nibbbling the newly rakes greens

when I scattered the choices before her to see

She nosed and she nibbled then selected one for me...

and who is it?


Send me your address here

i have enjoyed the "conversation" with you.
xo milady

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Call -Giveaway Tomorrow April 4th!

Thank you for lettting me see what you see
when i asked you to tell me
about my art
It has helped me narrow the scope
see the common thread that
define what i feel
in a collection of little black marks
called words.

Dancing lines

spiritual, dreamy

gentle, home, familiar


folk tale, old world

You still have time to enter the GIVEAWAY! Lucky for you I am in the US hours behind!
For the gift of your comments, a handmade necklace can be yours!

with much gratitude,



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