Sunday, June 26, 2011

Body : Drawing Challenge


What is a body?
A body of work, a body of water, a body of spirit.
A container that holds, hugs and protects.
A body that skims the surface of others bodies.
A body that knows barefeet on grass is the best way to relax.
A moving miraculous vessel of wisdom that continues to be my greatest teacher.

Julia , the birthday beauty has collected quite of body of work. go see!

xo milady

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wings: Drawing Challenge

Wings, angels, fairies and animals. Its all one big magical mystery to me. A recurring theme of wonder,
whimsy and kinship. We are all connected, seen and unseen
and its all good.
Jasmin, in the wonderful land of OZ has collected more. go see.

xo milady

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Balance : Drawing Challenge

balance. the quest. walking the line between the divine and mortal, sun and moon, light and darkness.
precarious. exciting. so rewarding when perfecting the middle, feeling the intoxicating powers of opposites at once.
this one of my all time favorite images. "tightrope" available in my shop for a limited time as a 12x12 archival
paper print. (or larger !)

hula hoop

i have been doing alot lately, my dad calls me the "master juggler". i've got so many pots on the stove,
so many interests, so little time.
 balancing while juggling.
keep calm and carry on! 

The Queen of Eisenbach, Ariane, is our hostess this week!

xo milady

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Everyday Life : A Drawing Challenge

everyday i drive past the old bones

that make me think of the dream i saw

in grandma's books

of a big family tilling the soil

and soil of their clan

with loving hands

that do it all

one day at a time

while i still wonder what i will be when i grow up

as i continue to juggle whilst i skip


xo milady

Dear ,deep,  thoughtful Elisabeth is our hostess this week.
Thank you Elisabeth. Everyday i am inspired by  my new friends in the world
through this challenge.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

LOVE : a drawing challenge

I love
Old drawings
and flowers

crusty farm buildings
i dream i can create in

with cheeky little fairies

and time to write what i feel
without edit
this quest to grasp

what is creatively familiar

and waiting to receive
my gushing heart

xo milady

visit the love gushing Rachel for more amazing love stories!


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