Saturday, July 30, 2011

THEATER: Drawing Challenge

This is what i came up with .  An intuitive browse through my files...trying to tell a story about THEATER>
Starring as ME , mother, creator, artist, caretaker in the SET of my life; rural, ranch, home, land, remote.
Home is my stage, Improv is my life.
I wish i had time to doodle and create but life is speeding up as summer races towards an end.
Did i tell you? I am preparing for an art show in 2 weeks! A small town sort of arts/crafts event that draws a crowd to our little nook in the west.
Visit my fellow beloved performers and enjoy the show!
kristen ?
ritva welcome!

any others? Don't be shy! the theme is open ended! I have so much more to tell you, about my life as a young dancer growing up in the Seattle Opera House and falling asleep under velvet cushions to the lullabies of Wagner.

xo milady

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tomorrow is THEATER

Hello my patient peeps! Tomorrow's theme is THEATER (which i mistakenly did here)
I will be posting in the morning which could very well be your evening! So, check back!
I suspect i will mix a little CITY in the THEATER since I missed last week's challenge.
Life is full of visitors, events, teaching children, telling ghost stories, late night gatherings, swimming in the river and rodeos!

My little girl Rosie on her dad's horse as Queen Attendant.
Busy but good.
See you tomorrow  ( drop me a note if you want to join us in the THEATER!)
xo milady

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clouds: Drawing Challenge

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you know i love them
i mean really LOVE them
i dream of soaring through them
but for now
i lay in summer fresh grass
and float below them
around here
i see really good ones
catch a cloud and ride over to Nadine's to see more!

see ? i have been busy!
xo milady

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monster: Drawing Challenge

monster - hmmm let's see what i have in my files. Ahhhh...the Glubus (my son so emphatically recognized as such) the only monster i could find as i am late and out of time!

and then whats this? coming in from a favorite site - monsters from the 1600's!
 Thank you Julia for this weeks theme, more beasts gather there.
look here for more monstrorum historia via the inpsiring eye candy shop :bibliOdyssey

and 1 morgan monster for good measure.

see you saturday in the clouds!

xo milady

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Theater : A Drawing Challenge


All the world is a stage

Where I lead the role of my dreams
creating the set

in which i can perform

and be blessed by an audience from around theglobe
as supportive and inspiring as YOU!

thank you!
xo milady

ps.  oops, i made my own challenge via Ariane's post! :)
oh well! here it is!


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