Sunday, November 28, 2010

White Winter Hymnal

Found some new music-
Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal video is so clever. I especially like that He Doesn't Know has goaties in the video.
It reminds me of  red nose studio   Chris Sickel's process on his blog  such as here & here.
He makes me chuckle and feel like a sloth. He has 3 kids too!
My need to see and discover grows with each day.
There are so many unbelievable people in the world.
I am thankful for each spark of inspiration that comes my way!

xo milady


Milady Productions said...

my hyperlinking's a bit rough today - my computer suffered a stroke and isn't long for this world i'm afraid.
but i want to make sure you look around Red Nose Studio's blog - his process is so fun to see!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

We love the White Winter Hymnal in this house. If I hear it, it always stops me.

And the Red Nose people are so real, aren't they? Wonderful!

Amazingly creative people in the world ... I'd be putting yourself in that category, Milady!

Milady Productions said...

MMMC- your support is always just what i do you feel as my accidental therapist?

Anonymous said...

Because of the excessive hyperlinking (giggle), I had to wait till now to listen to 'Fleet Foxes'. Instantly fell in love with one of their songs (first video on their homepage). AND - they have old Norwegian postcards as backgrounds on their page, I wonder why!

Chris Sickel's great, even the name 'red nose...' is great.
(Forget about the giggle, btw, I never giggle :)

Make mine Mid-Century said...

no! You humble me ... I'm not that deep ... I just say it as it is.



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