Thursday, November 29, 2012


I can't believe its the Holidays again. We have our heads down focused on the present.
 Thanksgiving came and went...a tradition of elaborate cooking and baking, feasting and sharing

 Eventhough we are experiencing a dry snow-less holiday, it is cold, and i drink ALOT of Earl Grey tea
Morgan and I made our traditional spritz cookies gluten-free...a friend told me they tasted like sand.
Meet the newest addition to my prized collection of kid created creatures...Mr. Turkey by Morgan

"dad! you have pie in your hair! "....
now that's a sign of a good time :)

Working on 10 LORDS A LEAPING for a month long show in Telluride as well as a delivery of new
art for Over the Moon  where I am the feature artist! 
2 more art/craft fairs this week 
Then, all this orange and yellow will give way to pine and  sparkle.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood - Drawing Challenge

I finally did it, joined in on the Drawing Challenge, albeit a few days late.
This weeks theme: Littel Red Riding Hood hosted by Patrice.

I've been scribbling about this for years....

inspired by my own childhood classics
And into my grown up life living at the edge of a great wood...In my fairy tale, the beast is a misunderstood friend and it is he who is terrified of the girl!

someday i will write and illustrate it.

what is your take on this tale?

xo milady

Beauty and the Beast
A Woodland Tale 
Classic Tales of my childhood.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

where for art thou?

dear people,
I have been silent

it just doesn't feel right
to come up
and share


its just the nature
of diving deep down
to see what i can see
its cold at the Art Farm

winter's beckoning 
to turn inward
clothe the seeds
safe and warm...

.....and wait for the magnificent birth

i hold you all close in my heart,
xo milady


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