Sunday, November 11, 2012

where for art thou?

dear people,
I have been silent

it just doesn't feel right
to come up
and share


its just the nature
of diving deep down
to see what i can see
its cold at the Art Farm

winter's beckoning 
to turn inward
clothe the seeds
safe and warm...

.....and wait for the magnificent birth

i hold you all close in my heart,
xo milady


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

perhaps in riddles.
but, hey... hello.
and enjoy the inner bod!

Milady Productions said...

Hello! <3!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

oh? and have just checked out marc burckhardt...
my, my. highly enjoyable.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Stephanie,
I am happy to see you here again!
Cute red cat.

You are in my mind and heart... and Slumberland by you on the wall in front of me :)

Stay warm, my friend.

Patrice A. said...

how I know that feeling
of being silent inside
and not sharing
it's okay
I understand
and think of you anyway

stay warm!
Patrice A.

Milady Productions said...

so good to see you all back ladies! i haven't lost all connection afterall :)

objects of whimsy said...

Hello Stephanie!!!!!
nice to hear from you and hope you have been enjoying your inner peace. I actually thought it was a polar bear in that foto then realised that it was a shaggy sheep?????
Lovely fotos and the artwork is beautiful.

Hope to see more of you

Helen x

Rachel said...

I feel you.
Enjoy this winter, your farm, and your family.


Milady Productions said...

Hello Helen! yes, Blossom could be mistaken for a Polar bear! she is that FAT! she likes to drink from the house faucet with the dogs- peek into the kitchen window with that longing look. I think she has a very faint memory of living in the house :)
so happy to have you all back here. Thank you for visiting!

Kristen Donegan said...

so true! it can be so good to sink down in and this time of year is very conducive for that !!

I love that last picture!!

Milady Productions said...

kristen -lambie out my window :) makes me happy every time.

Patrice A. said...

dear you
will you join the dc again?
I am the host this week

Patrice A.

sarapirat said...

i love this text.
i feel so similar.
winter, being a time to withdraw inside.
nice to be here again!

renilde said...

it looks peaceful there, enjoy the silence, love and x


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