Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis the Season!

to look for these guys under the great pine

and wishing Santa brought fine handpainted toys such as these

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Keeping busy crafting gnome villages in a friend's shop window

while planning a party by candlelight

i ask myself " why this lazy looking cow?"

as the good old troll laughs

"because you are still 8" he says barely chuckling out the words

Grandfather Stag agrees with a hmmphh!

as i fish some for some hidden memory

of being little myself

when Christmas was so wonderfully exciting.

Still working on that!

xo milady

ps Merry Christmas!!

pss all images (except for my friend) where plucked off the web. Please forgive me!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New in Shop aka What I've been Up to

parties, end of school celebrations, presentations, baking, cooking, crafting, working holiday markets, decking the halls...that's what i've been up to! ho ho ho!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let The Festivities Begin!

In an effort to whip up some holiday delight

I made up a plan to craft up some light

with hot chocolate smiles old new years' glory

I waved my snowflake wand and told them a story

about light in darkness and a wish for an answer in snow

They all took off into the darkness while i yelled NO!
(or rather, wait for me!!!)

Some stayed up late like this darling little boy

while others were tuckered out from eating the carpet
instead of his chew toy.

And then the most magical thing of all...when we returned to add our paper lanterns to the fire, it started to snow! Just like we desired. :)

This little boot construction makes me smile.

xo milady

Monday, November 28, 2011

We have a Winner!

Congrats to Rachel!   You are the winner of a Milady Medallion! Storm already sold in my shop but I will pick something out just for you!!!! You know whats funny? I eenie meenie miney moe'd the names lastnight and got Rachel too!  :)  perfect. I wish I could give each one of you a necklace but then i'd be out of business. In thought, you are all winners.
Email me your info gypsyPanda...wherever you have a mail box!
xo milady

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winner Announcement delayed until Monday. Cyber Monday!

I decided I didn't want to be a part of the black friday craziness.  Its why I have this fairy tailish idea of how civil and wonderful everything is in the old world!
My monday starts tomorrow. And did you know? It's cyber monday!(another fabulous american shopping holiday) at least we won't be trampled by ourselves at the computer.
See you then!
xo milady

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving is here. That means that the holidays are upon us.  Gatherings, gluttony and pressure to buy things make me feel like Charlie Brown.  Thanksgiving came too fast this year. I'm not ready. The snow hasn't fallen. It's too warm. Isn't it Halloween? I'm confused!
And I haven't had a chance to sit down and see this childhood staple with my kids yet. But Morgan did manage to create an elaborate scene out of playmobil. Bananas!

cartoon clip

I love that my blog friends may not understand...
thanksgiving thoughts from an ex-pat
Nor do I really...the meaning and customs have already morphed into unrecognizable and hideous forms.
Some traditions, I just found out about today!
Lost Thanksgiving Culture
Thanksgiving is really about harvest, togetherness, gratefulness and celebration of company.
Thank you Linus for reminding me!

Tomorrow i will draw the GIVEAWAY WINNER!

many thanks,
xo milady

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jewels, Blues and Surprise GIVEAWAY!

Feeling alot like i want to be in this room lately. To be enveloped in a fairy tale cloak, warmed and secured

by magic only a few get to witness.  Wearing a long warm skirt, stitched by someone I love. A time before t.v. and bubble housing markets.  I want to fly away to this place.  Where traditions and fantasy still hold court. Where everyone gathers with lanterns at night and sings.

In my own little way...i've created a bit of that. May i introduce...Milady's Medallions.


Sacred Heart charm bracelet

Ice Vine choker


Storm detail

Blueberry Pearl

And the first kick ass belt!

(love it!)

In addition to ornaments, tea towels, art blocks and prints - i have now finally made some wearables. I've teamed up with a very talented friend who is making the lovely hand crocheted "chains" for some of my pendants.
Milady's Medallions
These are just a few of the combos. More coming to my ETSY SHOP. I am exhausting myself trying to make the photos look perfect - but you will never see them if I hold myself to that standard.
Here you go.

The surprise?
A chance to win a Milady Medallion necklace!!!
Name drawn on Black Friday - NOV 25th.
Comment. Critique. Tell me what you think. Spread the word! Tell me who sent you.
No brown nosing...winner will be picked randomly! :)

GOOD LUCK! xo milady


Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Productions Debut!

Another show under my belt.
This one made me focus on Christmas waaaay before i'm used to.
Glad though, because you know, it's my favorite!
It's a full on craftstravaganza around here.
And that makes me happy.
Have a look at my goodies

Vintage Swedish tart tins

begged for a little glass and sparkle and a tiny little painting

to then be hung Mardi Gras style on wispy flocked branches

with bleeding hearts and crocheted pearls

royal birds and doves offering olive branches

crisp tea and finger towels ready for guests

next to  some of the old stock awaiting to be discovered by choosey fingers

while the new, and i must say, handsome art blocks await their new homes patiently.
not one sold.

So strange to guess what people you don't know would like to buy. It's such a gamble, these shows. But exposure and momentum have their own.

Tomorrow i will reveal Milady's jewels and a surprise!

Now, off to feed the horses, looks like snow and the husband is still housebound recovering from knee surgery.
I am the one woman wonder at this farm...the Art Farm!

xo milady


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