Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jewels, Blues and Surprise GIVEAWAY!

Feeling alot like i want to be in this room lately. To be enveloped in a fairy tale cloak, warmed and secured

by magic only a few get to witness.  Wearing a long warm skirt, stitched by someone I love. A time before t.v. and bubble housing markets.  I want to fly away to this place.  Where traditions and fantasy still hold court. Where everyone gathers with lanterns at night and sings.

In my own little way...i've created a bit of that. May i introduce...Milady's Medallions.


Sacred Heart charm bracelet

Ice Vine choker


Storm detail

Blueberry Pearl

And the first kick ass belt!

(love it!)

In addition to ornaments, tea towels, art blocks and prints - i have now finally made some wearables. I've teamed up with a very talented friend who is making the lovely hand crocheted "chains" for some of my pendants.
Milady's Medallions
These are just a few of the combos. More coming to my ETSY SHOP. I am exhausting myself trying to make the photos look perfect - but you will never see them if I hold myself to that standard.
Here you go.

The surprise?
A chance to win a Milady Medallion necklace!!!
Name drawn on Black Friday - NOV 25th.
Comment. Critique. Tell me what you think. Spread the word! Tell me who sent you.
No brown nosing...winner will be picked randomly! :)

GOOD LUCK! xo milady



Rosamund said...

Oh my heart just skipped a beat. I love it all!!! Especially the kick ass belt and the storm pendant. You are really doing it - I see a whole line! So awesome! Good for you!


Milady Productions said...

HHi Rosamund! thank you! looks like you're in good shape to win :)
happy thanksgiving to you and yours
xo milady

renilde said...

Oh yes they are beautiful, i especially like the bracelet, 'love' and the wonderful 'storm', great idea! people will like and love them, i'm sure. Succes! xx

Rachel said...

They are all so beautiful! They are so "milady"! Storm really caught my eye.
I can't wait to see your shop. You've been busy, how do you do it?

Patrice A. said...

you have a real shop!
full of beauty's
I love the one with the pearls
although I am not a necklace-girl
I love pearls

you go girl!

Milady Productions said...

Welcome back all of you!
thank you for the positive response. I figure, the more things I can put images on the better! :)
A little something for everyone.
Rachel, to answer your question, I am sort of a master juggler...every corner of my house has "stations with my productions.
I just keep telling myself...keep on swimming, keep on swimming (Nemo)! Do what i can when i can.

A little glitter in your dinner kids?

Ariane Reichardt said...

Ooooh, dearest Milady,
its wonderful, beautiful... 'Milady's Medallions'! I really love it!! 'Love'... sigh

What a shame this beauty nearly pass from me. I was so busy with my kids. Thank you for the hint... thank you very much. Even the last posts from you shows fairytale goodliness and bloom.

I look forward for the 'dream'... can't wait!

Love, Ariane.

Milady Productions said...

Yes, Ariane! that would've been a shame. SO glad to see you here.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

ha ha ha.... black friday! i like that! i don't even know what it means (sorry!), but i like the ring of it.
i would love to grab this opportunity, to enter your draw. :)

also here on a different note! i am happy to invite you to next weekend's drawing challenge. even though you are one busy lady, i didn't want to leave you out, now!
so, very welcome, stephanie!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

and erm, the very essence of your question... shoot me, i gave no feed back!
you are one clever, creative lady. your jewelry is stunning, i would like to see it, for real... ;)))
and i will go visit your etsy soon.

Milady Productions said...

Dearest WOolfy,
I love that you don't know what Black Friday is quintessentially American,the day after Thanksgiving (when we honor the meal between the native americans and the first settlers from England) a big Christmas shopping day full of people running eachother over to get the best deal on video games and big TVs. Not my cup of tea.
I struggle every year trying to make life meaningful, holidays creative and special and NOT revolved around tv and consumerism!
I wish you luck in the drawing!

xoxo milady


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