Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello World

Easter morning 2008

I dare say, spring has arrived in the mountains of colorado. I dare say because it could very well dump 2 feet of snow tomorrow. "it" the fickle mountain weather goddess that rules my world.

in the meantime i will rake the bare patches of yard, poke the flower bed in search of life, plan my summer planting and stuff sweet peas into the frozen earth. i have learned if you don't plant the peas BEFORE the snow has stopped they won't do their glorious thing that makes my summer worth the wait.

My internet browsing is becoming quite the pastime. I am finding oodles of inspiring blogs and sites, galleries and handmade creatures that are quite honestly making me feel like i have alot of friends out there...friends i haven't met but are sure to know.

I feel inspired , excited and aware of the fact that i've got some self educating to do. My ideas are running into road blocks.

Things to learn:

The Art of Blogging. posting, layout, what's a feed???

Computer Graphics. photoshop (oh my go...the possiblities!)

web design, layout, setting up a gallery, linking to the blog etc.

Selling on line. product development. $ thats what i really need.

Cultivating time out of a busy mom life to do my thang
I read a most butt kicking article about artist procrastination in Anahata's blog "concepts" (can I just do that? list someone's site???oops i

just did, at least with good intentions - please feel free to comment if otherwise - i'd hate to step on anyone's toes!)

Anyhoo, the piece entitled "grain of salt" really illustrates the freaky process of creation and the doubt demons t that do everything they can to stop you from breaking through to yet another layer of knowing thus evolving into a higher being.

The demons of Inaction - like a bunch of school yard bullies, you face 'em straight on and they lose all their power.

It's crucial to keep moving, keep scribbling, smearing, pasting, ...the work will reveal itself.


Monday, March 17, 2008

blindly blogging

Why on earth would I expose my thoughts world wide?
This is what I am asking myself today.


Because I committed to the act of believing - believing that my thoughts can take flight from this cold nowhere valley and reach a kindred rooftop somewhere else, somewhere where artists gather and i can walk on sidewalks in grown up mary janes.

Because it doesn't "make sense" but i am sure its the right thing to do.

Because I want to play too.

I am here ! I am here! like a little who in whoville waving to the universe.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

After the Storm

the show is up, my task completed. I am lost now without a date. Inpsired by Spring and a new found love of actually painting in the studio late at night, I committ to keeping the flame aglow - this blog is one way to keep me moving forward.
Art process is a peculiar thing, a strange living thing that has desires and ambitions all its own.
Me? I am simply the midwife.

spring on the ranch

There is a change in the air. A springy touch to a bitter snow scene. Babies are arrving, coyotes are watching . My toes are frozen under this desk and yet I feel a happy warmth in my thoughts.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Art at Ridgway Public Library

Well, its March 10th and I've survived my art show deadline! 25 pieces of art, none smaller than 16x20" and 10 brand spanking new paintings on tin.
I am exhausted and satisfied.

For now.

Will post pics as soon as I figure it out!



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