Thursday, November 11, 2010


antique German ornaments found at christmas past collector

I have a lambie obsession, I love them, I love the way they look, I love what they represent. Now that I have my own little lamb (who is a full grown overweight sheep) I am even more obsessed. Now I want a goat. Did I tell you about the goat? A goat came a wanderin' into our lives and stayed with us for almost a month. Naturally, we named him Goatie, he lounged on the deck, napped under the horses' feeder, snuggled with Lambie once she got over her fear of him.

Then, sadly, his owners came. He reluctantly left, rope around his neck, escaping his leash twice.
I miss that guy but I don't think Morgan misses him that much. At least when he's trying to paint en plein air.
Come springtime, I'm getting a baby goat. :)
xo milady


Erika Lee Sears said...

Isn't like Lambert? Do you remember that cartoon. :)

I always said that my next pet I would name Bouef.. which is Beef in french.. I just like the way it sounds and makes me laugh. :)

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I'd love to visit your farm.

I feel saddened by the goat story.

Please get a goat. I know I'd love to watch him/her grow up with you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a goatie friend for Blossom! We all want you to get one!

Thank you for all the beauty you left on my blog, maybe I should have asked before quoting you, but those words brought tears to my eyes. Keep them coming, empty your chest :)


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