Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

a friend's wedding card- milady productions

I had a dream, to become a self made millionaire from my whimsical little drawings that would take the world by storm like Harry Potter making me one
happy mom free to live wherever, whenever, in style without a care in the world.
my 1996 Christmas Card - milady productions

I even made it to trade shows in places like Seattle and NYC with fabulous response. But then i had 3 little children and we came to a stand off. (imagine an old western town, no one out except 2 gunslingers on opposite sides of the main dirt street. on one side Milady Productions...on the other my family.)

And when i see wonderful companies like this one Rifle Paper Co.(thanks for reminding me Make mine mid-Century!) i feel 2 things at once:
1. inspired and delighted by seeing someone doing what i thought would be a good idea
and its evil twin,
2. jealous that it isn't me and that i must've missed the boat.whaaaaa.

But then again, i look at this darling work and simply wish i had a portrait
of my family for Christmas cards. I just love it.

So, if you suddenly see me illustrating the alphabet or making little family trees with angels, i swear, im not copying! :) its a great idea indeed .

Cheers to Anna and her success!
This lady continues to find her balance.:)
xo milady


Rachel said...

I think your drawings are beyond beautiful. I believe there is time, there are no boats missed. The time our children are small is so short and specific when you look at the big picture. Im sure they give you inspiration everyday and when they are older and you have more time for your dream , you will take that collective inspiration and catch that boat. so to speak.
i really enjoy your blog.

Milady Productions said...

Oh Thank you Rachel - sometimes we just need to hear it. I believe there is time too thank you for reminding me.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Rachel is so spot on. i've read the things she's said on Lilli's blog and agree with her too.

There will be a time for you ... your children are the ultimate piece of art ... they are perfection and priceless.

Your time will come ... don't compare yourself to anyone else, just keep doing what you do and you will see.

Milady Productions said...

MMMC (whatever your name is!)
yes, YES! thank you too! I am being a big baby i know. it's funny how casting one's doubts off into the universe can beget just the guidance one needs when one needs it. its magical! i'm impatient and greedy :)
my favorite part? "just keep doing what you do and you'll see"
i guess what i'm really looking for is confirmation that i'm not suffering from illusions of grandeur ! ;}

Milady Productions said...

ps does is matter that one of my kids is 15?!!!!

Fine Little Day said...

Your drawing have a touch of folk art that I like very much. Would be fun to see them on textile some time.

Milady Productions said...

dear Elisabeth, thank you! yes, i've tried to do some simple tea towels with an iron on but they looked so tacky and plastic. i would love to learn a simple way to print on textiles that would have a lovely old world feel (instead of rubber ! ;()
have any other ideas?


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