Monday, November 29, 2010

The Color Keeper

I feel like the Color Keeper most of the time. I try to not be too whiney on my blog, but the feeling is there...a deep sad not good enough feeling that keeps me hostage. I need artsy souls around me to keep me going - like i need oxygen.
 Comments from down under and up over help in ways i can't explain. Thank you friends. thank you. I loved watching this little diddy about it from another artist, greg pecknold. it makes me feel good to know i/m not alone and that it truly is the artist's operate from such a humble authentic place with a bravery fit for a knight knowing that just doing it will make everything alright.
The Color Keeper from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.

and on a lighter note...pure sweetness from This Years Girl on etsy.

xo milady


Lilli said...

I often wonder who 'they' are, who keep telling good people they can't do this and that... we should go hunting for them one day, Milady!

Can't stand looking at the princess-lamb, it's too, too cute :)

Milady Productions said...

i think "they" live in my head. princess lamb wipes out all "their" judging. yay lambie!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

I'm no help to you ... I'm not creative so I don't know how hard it must be feeling trapped in the everyday and not having the time and peace to be able to create as I'd like ... it must be hard for you because you have so much competing for your time.

You need a big bolt of freshness to rejuvenate yourself ... I couldn't see the first video. Bad computer wouldn't let me ... I'll come back to that.

Don't doubt your creativity, and use this blog to expel all your negative thoughts, because they'll never let you create anything marvellous.

And if you're a good colour keeper, even for a short time, those colours will pay you back in radiance and blinding luminousness!

Milady Productions said...

MMMC - i hope you can see the video. its pretty darn cute.
thanks for your straight talk - i love it. your wit is like a virtual slap ( a good thing) waking me from descending into the wicked little negative troll cave of self doubt. yes, i see those bad thoughts as hairy little scandiavian! :)


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