Saturday, November 6, 2010

Madsen Bicycle Contest!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

i've had some luck with giveaways lately and am hoping i could hit the motherload with one of these amazing revolutionary vehicles The Madsen Cycle
eventhough i live in the country, it drives me nuts that i have to run all my errands with my giant loud vehicle i need for my life on the county road, with horse trailers, with umpteen sacks of feed and a healthy helping of children in tow. if i had one of these...i could actually park it at a friends and do all my in town stuff like a real townie. my kids are always wanting to bike along the river on the smooth urban cement...such a novelty for these bumpkins...which i love to do but am always the odd one out because my bike doesn't fit on the rack.
this too could change :)
i wish i may , i wish i's where you could enter to win one too!

xo milady


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Golly I hope you win! Fingers crossed! You'd look great on one ... aren't they cute? And what a great idea! Love the kids in the back ... mine'd fall out though ... maybe that's a good thing?

Fine Little Day said...

Oh how I would need a bike like that. I'm biking around like a baglady every day to and from the studio. Looks nice too, this one. Hope all is well Stephanie.

(The links to the bike homepage is broken, think you've use one or two many "http//")

Erika Lee Sears said...

Good luck! I never win anything on the give aways.. but I will send you some of my luck - if I have any luck :) HAHA

Milady Productions said...

MMMC-i've thought about how "unsafe" the laughing children look in the ads...i think that's why i love this company so much. Nothing says FUN more than a body restricting strap system and a helmet you can't see a thing out of with part of your chin stuck in the buckle.
Elisabeth. Hello from one playmobil world to another!
Thank you for telling me about the link! I wonder if these bikes are available in Europe- they should be! they are genius!
Thanks for passing on your good luck ;)Erica!

Milady Productions said...

Elisabeth, I checked the links and they are working fine? which one are you having problems with? maybe they don't want to send one to Sweden ;/


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