Friday, March 4, 2011

Coincidence, NO?

oscar wilde

milady productions

Anonymous Works is a really fun way to find odd, beautiful things. Quick, easy, like Tumblr.
I am sooooo busy its nuts! Good busy though. Lots of exciting projects in the works, things I can't
share with you yet - but I hope the wait will be worth it!
Color Crew, my kid/public art project, is gearing up for a lantern parade in April. Commissions in the studio, changes for Milady Productions and just good green spring vibes in the valley! Saw our first new neighbor yesterday, a tiny ,wobbly black calf. :) Oh, and i'm looking for a orphaned goatie.  hee hee

Complete Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde    must get

xo milady


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

busy lady! love anonymous, quirky to say the least, every now and then true treasure.
oscar wilde fairy tales, huh... bohemian lady too! i love your style!
(will come back to see what you've squeezed outta your drawing theme - i am so curious...). not to be wanting to put any pressure, you know!

Milady Productions said...

Hello Woolfie,
will be posting rythmn late today along with a very overdue "patchwork" - its good to have a little pressure! :)


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