Saturday, February 26, 2011

Drawing Challenge #4 Whisper


inspiration on my window sill

Yes, I hear you.
So soft  your whisper
Leading me still
Into the Mystery
of which we are

thank you Jasmin, our lovely hostess this week.

xo milady


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

am loving how you've built this up. inspiration on your window sill, indeed! it is lovely... also looking at the technique. mhm.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Milady Stephanie,
I love your bird whispering a hymn full of light.
I'd love nothing better than to pet the bird. Its such a cutie, sitting on a ray of light.

Milady Productions said...

thank you ladies,
whispering a hymn, i like that very much :)
the technique is all about the crust!

Rachel said...

your work makes me feel like i have stepped back in time. to a very innocent and beautiful time.
i love your birds and the woman who listens.

shall i host next week?

jasmin said...

how incredible that 3 of us did whispering birds. you, me and rachel.
Is yours a hand print too? I am asking because the letters are in reverse....
so sweet. x
who will host next week....?

(i got your 'test post')

Make mine Mid-Century said...

(Hello). That's a wonderful and different technique you've used. What do you do with all your artwork?

No whispering here ... I'm always yelling, 'Shhh! Turn the volume down'!

objectsofwhimsy said...

I love your words as well as your beautiful images. Your textured painting of the bird is beautifully worked its difficult to maintain soft weightlessness when building layers but you have remarkably well. I of love your inky drawing so fluid and confident. but I think my favourite is your bathtub pic really clever and cute.

Elisabeth said...

And I'd say this is about trust too. To calm down and trust the listener to hear what whispers are about. Us hearing each other. Your poetic words make me think. The other side of whispers than my post. Or maybe rather the same, with different listeners. Or listeners in different states.

Milady Productions said...

Good Morning!
Jasmin, yes, its incredible and magical how we are all dipping into the same stream of thought.
the ink is a sketch with a paintbrush, i purposely printed the words backwards! like a little kid directing words out of a person's mouth. :)

Rachel, yes! i think you should host!

Carmel, can you keep it down? i'm trying to be calm and poetic! :) JK -its teenage txt for just kidding. Seriously, i am a lover of age and crust, the technique is't a formula , i just keep working, srubbing, layering till it feels right. it is wonderful to get such a response from you all because its such a big part of what i love and how i try to communicate that through images.

Helen, Thank you for noticing my words! I felt a bit pompous writing them but theu come from some old pompous past life in my heart!

Dear Elisabeth, yes, trust. Yes, we are all whispering back and forth, through birds and dreams.
it's incredible and sweet and reminds me of the sort of magical faith we have as children, believing in fairies and santa but now refined, more spiritual. we are communicating !

i've made a few patchwork mosaics i'll post tomorrow! (i feel like a cheater on that one!) said...

Oh, what is this?! Love everything about it!

Milady Productions said...

Fine little Elisabeth welcome!
What is what? the challenge? or the bird?
we are a morphing little group of ladies who are offering themes each week to get us drawing - or doing - our art!
Would you like to play?
it's like global studio-day with fun friends!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Stephanie

managed to get the whisper posted unforgivably late I know before I veto blog for a coupla weeks. You will find it here said...

Aha :)
The things in your window togheter with your drawing drew my attention. I saw a little theatre, with that beautiful doll head, the birds and the lovely "poster" - your drawing. Would like to see that show!

The tone in this, I like very much.

Milady Productions said...

thank you elisabeth! that little doll head has been mine since i was little. BIt by bit she fell apart so now all i have is her head.
i love it too!


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