Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sky Scenery - drawing challenge #3

Lilli, where for art thou?
Hello friends. Here I am in Nashville, posting a few snaps from my show. My birds flitting between heaven and earth and a landscape with delicious sky scenery. I had hoped to snap a pic from the plane but a large body was blocking my pinhole of a window.
Art shows are exhausting. I sort of forgot. Still, it's fun to meet so many people and converse. I am tired of talking about myself.
xo milady

challenge #1 paperdoll
challenge #2 home


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Was the art show a success? Did you get good feedback?

Those birds are lovely and the scenery beautiful. There's always some orange or ochre to your work.

Milady Productions said...

is it morning there? well, good morning! the show is one more day and its going well. Lots of good feedback. I'm very different than what these folks are used to, i am pleased with the connections and conversations i'm having and always amazed at how the South is a bit like a foreign country to me. Cross your fingers, I have 4 - 5 large commissions on the line!
thanks for asking!!!

Elisabeth said...

I love those soft colours of your sky.

And I'm happy to hear about your feedback! Well done! :)

Ariane Reichardt said...

I cross my fingers, too, dear Stephanie.
I love your birds and sky scenery - the pastels are beautiful and the flowing transitions of colours are heavenly. Really wonderful!
Love, Ariane.

objectsofwhimsy said...

just lovely! very beautiful. Its great that you are getting to hang out with peers very important for creatives.

Milady Productions said...

Thank you all so much! Your genuine votes of confidence are such a gift. xoxo
The show is over, I've got a list of commissions, and have re entered the world as a bona-fide arteest! yaay

objectsofwhimsy said...

Thats really great Stephanie well done you!

Hey I popped in to let you know that Ive posted for this weeks challenge.

jasmin said...

how wonderful! these pictures and also to be validated for your work. a little bit goes a long way doesn't it?
love your sky - your horizons sound exciting. jazz x

sarahlphipps said...

I am excited about your show. What do you think about the Grandma painting? Do you think you will be able to do it? I just got home from a wonderful week of writing, long conversations in front of the fire, walks by the sea, good food and the most incredible tree showering us with white petals that drifted down like snow flakes in the sun. I got home last night and am trying to ride the momentum through and keep writing. So far, so good today.

Milady Productions said...

yes Sarah, finally i'm in the groove! I did the advertising, now i've got to do the work. Like you i'm energized from the much needed stimulation from peers and peeps.
My blog friends here are a HUGE help :) It's so positive and genuine. We all need support!
Write that book too, i'll illustrate it.: )
Grandma is smiling!


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