Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paper or Cheese Doll?

my paper doll

hans christian anderson

                                                                American "Cheese"
                                                                 my husband loves this crap!

Well, its Saturday here in the U. S.which has bought me a little time to make a paper doll per Elisabeth's challenge.  Here it is...(and i'm sheepishly hiding behind the time difference instead of admitting that i am late!)
Morgan has decided to make a paper robot out of american  cheese.  Frankly, the best use of that hideous saturated glob of an excuse for cheese! 
I learned something upon doing this little exericse.  I think too much. I stall,  I question, I critique.  My hands shake and my eyes are hating their new glasses.  I am happiest when the ink just falls from the brush, wonky and incorrect.  I didn't get to that smudgy  imperfect place where I felt satisfied and finished. But it was already Saturday in Sweden, Australia, Germany...people are waiting!
So here it is, the stiff little lady whose clothes will not fit properly because of my inattention to accuracy.
she's cute though, and her little lamb too.
Thanks Elisabeth for the nudge. Let's play some more!

xo milady


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I'm loving all these dolls you're all doing.

If yours was put in front of me, and I wasn't told you'd drawn her, I'd know she was yours!

She's beautiful! You're so brilliant at painting and drawing ... I want to see more of them!

Milady Productions said...

WOW woman! you are fast! Im still editing and you've commented! :)
SUch a good cheerleader too.
Please tell me its still Saturday.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Milady Stephanie,
in europe it's still saturday!
What a spot landing, a beautiful landing: your dolls are very nice. I prefere your painted one. Yes, she is recognizable and beautiful (MMMC is right, again.)

Anonymous said...

Still Saturday in Norway!
You know, it's true what MMMC said; you have an unique style and I too would recognize your girl. And the lamb; love the lamb. It's what brought me to you in the first place, Blossom.

Very short: I wish it was mine. The drawing (and the lamb).

What is American cheese exactely?
(Off to have a look at HC Andersen. Did you know that his papercuts has decorated some royal china...)

Happy Saturday, Stephanie. It's all yours soon.
xox Lilli

Milady Productions said...

oh, thanks ladies!
this is FUN.
Lilli, I am glad you recogonize my girl, milady i call her. I am glad to find that i'm not late afterall.
a set of HC Andersen paper cut china?!!! (some women wish for diamonds...)they are wonderful. so charming. love the site link.have fun clicking!
Ariane, thank you too for confirming milady's existence. she is quite a character, my girl.
And don't bother looking up American Cheese unless you want to be disgusted! I think vegemite in AUstralia is the brown goo they scrape off the American Cheese making machines...they are both cleverly crafted by KRAFT foods.
I'm embarassed for my homeland!

Elisabeth said...

Oh, I like this girl with her farmer outfit. Sheep are the best. One of my favourite paper dolls from my childhood had a little lamb. And I myself had real lambs. It was great playing! I totally believe in the idea of being 'forced to draw' ;) Would you like to play again this week? And would you like to pick a theme?

The cheese doll was great. What did it smell like? my kids wonder...

Milady Productions said...

I am so glad my girl has sparked a fond memory of you and your lamb. I had to wait til I was a grown up to get my lambie and I agree, they are the best!
You can see her in my blog sometimes. she's funny.
I'd love to play again! I'd be honored to pick a theme...
how about.....
Tell your kids, the "cheese" smells like Gouda cheese, with a slight sweet/smoked smell - it is slippery and rubbery, it repels water and its totally fake...the smell is fake's gross! stick with your lovely European cheese please! :)

E. said...

That's a good looking paper doll, would work fine hanging on a wall as well :)

jasmin said...

okay... I'm following the 'paper trail'.... I'm much later than you with my doll..... I'll do mine tomorrow from Australia and post.... :() I see that 'Home' is the next theme.... when?..... and HELLO Stephanie! :))))))))

Elisabeth said...

Ok, I will only make cheese dolls if I ever get hold of that cheese.
I linked to you today, telling the world you are the official host of the drawing challenge this week.
I am definitely in. At home right now actually. As always. Maybe I'll start that drawing immediately.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Stephanie,
it's HOME is my Castle...
I'm in!
Next saturday, 29.01.!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful doll with her cute little lamb! That cheese doll is fantastic too!

Milady Productions said...

THank you Peggy! I am impressed with your doll's fashion forward sense!

jasmin said...

i did a dolly too! next.... home....

objectsofwhimsy said...

Ive finished my paper doll will post tomorrow. Im in on this one though I love this challenge! thanks for keeping it going :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

In my excitement at completing my paper doll I realised that I ahd forgotten to tell you that I loved your paper doll. I really like your drawing style its interesting and reminds me of 1930's illustrations. Very nice indeed. Great colours too.


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