Friday, January 28, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

It's that time of life again. That time of year. When I feel the restless seedlings of dreams awaiting birth rustle and crack somewhere deep in my being.
yes! yes! i'm still here!
What shall I be when I grow up? What will it all look like? Where am I going?
WHY do I have to know?!
I search the world and drink in her gifts, through others eyes, others' craft. I sift and compare.
" maybe I could do that" or "perhaps that's what i should be doing".  In other words, instead of doing I'm watching.

New Years bring new reflections. I look back at the earth's revolution that caused my age to inch up another number.
The answer is always the same..." follow your art".
The mystery continues...

xo milady

Amanda Blake's Enormous Tiny Show   damn the recession!


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Milady Stephanie,
the paintings are looking amazing to me!
And, maybe:
"Follow your (he)art" - mystery continuous...
See you tomorrow with HOME.

Elisabeth said...

Well hello Stephanie! I made it. I got home, not satisfied with the result, but still: it's home.
I await your links to see the other homes, it will be exciting...

E said...

The paintings looks great Stephanie, really really nice!!
And you too :) How fun to work in that scale. Just follow it, your art, heart.

Milady Productions said...

Im following it Elisabeth! it makes no sense, where i am, where i live...all i know is i have to stay in it or i am not a happy camper! i wish to be more professionally involved though.


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