Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drawing a Life

fairy tales are homefeodor rojankovsky
in a past lifevintage German figurines 
keeping notes to try to remember
and bring it back to the home art farm not mine but i wish!

i am finding my way back tostefano vitale's studio

"Making up as we go along..." more talking heads!

Thank you for accompanying me on my journey!

xo milady


Elisabeth said...

I'm joining your journey! Definitely. It will take some time though.

Rachel said...

thank you for sharing this beauty today. what a gorgeous desk... draw on, sista!

Milady Productions said...

Elisabeth, you are already are! :)
Hello Rachel! The desk, Stefano Vitale's - wht an inspiration his work (and desk ) are!
Thanks for all the gentle encouragement. It means the world.

objectsofwhimsy said...

really nice fotoessay love that house in the big house pic. Glad you are getting back to your creative side your work is very inspiring!

Milady Productions said...

Thank you Helen!


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