Sunday, January 16, 2011


The 7 & 8 year olds came for their art time. One whole hour we got them.
We gave them the biggest task.  Connect the tiles in some way that tells a story.
A color story.

We set them up with a skyline made from their own drawn and cut stencils on recycled cereal boxes.
And had a little chat about where the tiles liked to live and how they could be masters of the universe and create a place where'd the creature would be happy.
The landscape erupted without hesitation. Blues and greens and hot desert orange appeared as if by magic.

                                                                                                        Hi Morgan.
A river flowed from a faraway waterfall in the montane making a freeway for turtles, fossils and fish.

And suddenly what was floating in isolation became at home in its world.
to be continued...
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Make mine Mid-Century said...

Even reading this all backwards I'm getting teary ... how sweet they all are!

And full of ideas and they all look so industrious!

Milady Productions said...

sorry about the backwards thing...

Milady Productions said...

you have to read backwards and upside down to follow it, me...i'm complicated!


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