Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thoughts for Souls

Emma Barton 1872 -1938
A year ago today, I lost a dream.  A little suprise dream.  A little boy baby named Angus.
There is a story forming, slow and secretly in pages of my sketchbook. In good time
I will share it.
Sweet Angus, I continue to feel you in the world that I paint.
"Nothing ever one can prove it." nends tumblr

God bless all the frightened souls in Australia as they batten down and await the tempest:
Cyclone Yasi  we're thinking of you

xo milady


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Stephanie,
thank you for sharing your little sweat dream, your Angel Angus. One year ago? it isn't long ago. Your voice sounds very loving and peaceful...
Love, Love is the answer.

Milady Productions said...

Thank you Ariane, I am now at a place where I can share a little. It's healing - thanks to lovely souls like yours.

Rachel said...

oh Stephanie,
my heart is aching for you.
sweet angus, beautiful boy.
thank you for sharing this intimate
detail of your life and this story of the found
i wish i could hug you.
healing thoughts and love.

Milady Productions said...

THank you Rachel, yes, this is a very intense personal detail of my life but it is sooo inextricably bound to my he-art. His little life with me, in me, deserves honoring. His gift I continue to receive. :)

Elisabeth said...

I'm so sorry you lost the boy with a beautiful name. And I believe the dream will remain a dream forever. On the inside and in the heart.

I tried to sort out the drawing challenge and might have come to a conclusion I hope everyone will be satisfied with. I wrote it down at my place and I myself want to use both words. Combine them in some way I'll discover tomorrow.

See you soon...

hanna-happenings said...

Dear stranger, I just found You. You have a beautiful place of heart, dear friend.

E said...

Nothing ever one can prove it.
Love from E.

Susan Schwake said...

I can't imagine nor begin to say something meaningful here to such sorrow. but know that i feel it and hope that the healing time can provide somehow gives you peace.

Rosamund said...

This post hit me in the heart. Tears are falling now. Perhaps because I remember all too vividly coming much too close to losing my own boy. In fact, I think for a time he did slip quietly away - as he now recalls all these years later being held for a time by an angel. But I also know that each and every time you post a painting, I feel a very emotional response to it. Now I know why. You simply must continue to paint.

Thank you for sharing such a tender, sacred piece of your heart. I am more sorry for your loss than words can adequately express. Thinking of you - Love, Rosamund

Milady Productions said...

Thank you dear hearts, Thank you!

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Oh, I just came here. Babies. Babies. Babies. They're 'someone' right from the second they're conceived, I think. And I believe Angus is an Angel. And one day you'll rush and cling to each other to make up for all the times that you weren't able to kiss each other in this life. I really mean that. But, until then, he's with you.

Milady Productions said...

MMMMC - you got it! my sentiments exactly! As you beautifully put : he is willing me along, guiding me deeper into the mystery of my life's work, and pointing me to my art, where you said in a past comment, i should trust it and see it'll all work out. Lovely peeps like you are like Angus' groupies, cheering me on...its the best thing and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. xoxox


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