Saturday, March 26, 2011

Drawing Challenge : Blossom

Hello My Lovely Blossoms! Spring here means more snowstorms which means fickle internet. The sun has come out! So, here you go. enjoy and don't forget to smell the roses at all these lovely participants!
                              elisabeth ,patrice,ariane,citalli,woolf,rachel,fru mju,jasmin,hanna 
                                            any others? please let me know!

                                                                       elsa beskow

                                                                    jean jacques grandville

A little of me and a little of others...this week, i'm clearly enchanted by the wee folk who live in blossoms.
And don't forget my Blossom, coming up on 2 years old next month!

xo milady


jasmin said...

oh am I first to comment here?? hello Madame Blossom. YES keep me on the list - I will post mine later today. I am not going to visit anyone else until I do. I love your creamy dreamy pictures. All folky and buttery and fresh. I do think of farmyards and lambs and pixies living in bluebells when I visit you. I think Spring suits you ... doesn't it....? see you again soon. Jasmin Flower xx

(great word too, who is next..... moi?)

Fru Mju said...

oh! what a beautiful painting! you are truly talented! i love the faces in the flowers and the promise of spring.
i'm in Finland and spring hasn't quite sprung yet, lots of snow and ice, but we'll get there! :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

and good things i am wishing to you, such as no more snow, e.g.?
now i'm always eager to find out what you draw, since it feels like the door to a secret garden (and england, my beloved). as it is, yesterday, i discovered a secret garden par hasard, and it made me think of you. i wonder why?
of course, i also appreciate your added inspirations!
one day i will tell you the story of that barn.

Make mine Mid-Century said...

Hello Blossom.

Beautiful art, as usual.

Give Blossom a kiss. I hope she sleeps in your bed. And that you give her bubbly baaaaths.

Patrice A. said...

what I like the best about this challenge is the differences and the fun we all have doining it

these last weeks you all became friends, I can dream about us sitting around a table with good coffee and cake, the laughter and the stories....

what I also like and love is the 'handwriting' of us all, the recognition

I like the way you draw
and as Fru Mju: those faces!
just lovely

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Milady Steph,
hmmm, what a marvellous bunch of variety blossoms... your handwriting of Mr Spring is simply wonderful. That flower is similar to your daughter (or you!)...Blossoms!...I've seen you with your 'Blossom'. You radiate sympathy and beauty... and your turning-2-years-old-lamb 'Blossom' is sooo cute and a kind of knowing.
Your weird life is wonderful!
xo Ariane.

Citlalli said...

Truly beautiful paintings, love all the creamy colors and specially the handwriting promise of spring, here in California we're still waiting for spring, hopefully this week the weather change... thank you for the inspiring theme!

Elisabeth said...

First I was saying how much I like those soft coloured blossoms you made and then I saw the Blossom and was overwhelmed with my love for sheep! I want to know more about this! Blossom and - are there many - others??

Thanks for hosting and thanks for being a companion as I wait for all this snow to melt!

Rachel said...

what lovely flowery ladies! thank you for the theme and the nice comment.
i am late at getting back to some. It was a beautiful bouquet of blooms this week. we are always uplifted by flowers, arent we?

hanna-happenings said...

BLOSSOM ladies!

oh dear that two-year old Blossom, ouch, my heart.

and now I think I need to quote a very special bright woman I have light upon:

"Fear came knocked at the Door
Trust opened it
and nobody was there."

ouch, my heart.

jasmin said...

Are you in this week doll?

I'm hosting with the word .... TAIL.


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