Saturday, March 12, 2011

Drawing Challenge : Bird

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Wonder of Birds
Spring is upon us
Elisabeth is hosting this week. I wonder how Spring is in Sweden?
someday i'll get there. someday.
most favorite bird movie ever
xo milady


English Muse said...

how sweet! i love these little birds!!
have a wonderful weekend, lovely.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

good lord, what an amazing movie. it almost takes my attention away from those lovely, lovely bird creations of yours. the two middle tableaus, they're so austen! i like them. i like their entourage. 'rather da'ling!', mylady!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Milady Stephanie,
I just love your birds...these dove of peace. And the framed sceneries of refying birds, really wonderful. This little bluetit on blossoming branch - I'm longing for them...

Patrice A. said...

like your style
and I can see we all love the theme

happy sunday!

Elisabeth said...

Spring in Sweden is lovely. We long for it for months and when it finally arrives everyone is overwhelmed by the gentle warmth, the blossoming and the promises of a summer soon to come. It's a new life every year.

Glad you joined us with a sweet bird. I like your colours, as usual.

justahumblebee said...

Winged migration is my favorite too!! I have the book as well. Your birds are delightful! So excited for spring
and happy to be a part of this drawing challenge with all of you.

Milady Productions said...

Hip Hip Hooray! I am filled with all your comments and ready to fly myself. :) the love and authentic response from all of you is what is so beautiful about this little "game" we are playing. giving up pieces of our hearts up to the sky and then waiting for the gentle return of messages on wings of soulful doves!
xoxoxox! milady

Citlalli said...

beautiful! I`m so excited about spring and your birds make me feel so happy! :)


Elisabeth said...

Hello Stephanie! Nadine offered to host with the theme 'a letter from the alphabet' this week, right before you suggested 'blossom' and both themes are interesting, so I suggest we take 'a letter from the alphabet' with Nadine for this Saturday and your 'blossom' for the following Saturday. How about that? I look forward to both of them. Spring is inspiring me! And for next Saturday I believe my flowerbed might even be blossoming...
x Elisabeth

jasmin said...

hello dear Stephanie.
it is a long flight from australia.
my wings are weary this evening.
my heart is heavy. too much tv news watching.
your beautiful pictures have been worth the trip.
Madame Chagall!
i love too how supportive everybody is.
not so sure about how i feel about giving up Ms Summer on my side of the world....

I loved the trailer too.
I am now officially bird obsessed.

Milady Productions said...

Jasmin -
oui oui! check out the soundtrack to Winged Migration - it is one of my favorite mood musics for studio work.
xo madame Chagall :) i like that!

Rachel said...

so so pretty.

Jenny said...

Breathtaking birds, Steph. I love paying visits here for a little soul vacation, it's always uplifting!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Stephanie,

you will be our host next weekend. Is it possible for you?

Looking forward to your Letter.
x Ariane.


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