Saturday, April 2, 2011


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Tail , Trail, Tale.
Endings and unknowns.
There is a Tale.
A Tale of a mother whose babes are growin'.
And a walk on a dream of a yellow brick road
Where all can travel
Big feet and all.
The end.

my kind of shop Tail of the Yak
the art of Lauren Mcintosh (of Tail of the Yak)

xo milady


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I love this one! A happy, busy mummy. With a bouncing angelic baby, and Blossom following along behind.

I really like it! It's brilliant.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

stephanie, i do not know where i'd like to begin. first and foremostly, perhaps, i really like your paintings, which remind me of a banner, esp. when i enlarge them. but there's more, i find. there's quirkiness, english-ness, in the meantime (i've come to find) stephanie-ness. since you have posted two colour ranges, i prefer the bottom one for colours.
i also love your riddle, or rhyme, or whatever. words can be so evocative. is this you, perhaps? i'm sorry i probably don't know you well enough, but the baby, and the sheep? and the yellow brick road... i've had to look it up, because i got all muddled up with beatles, but now i see, yeah... the wiz... ;)
then the info about tail of the yak... it would be your walhalla! so comforting, no doubt, to discover your inner self in such an abundant way! it looks courageously romantic... the art of lauren mcintosh... thank you for introducing me to her. i'll return to have a proper read. at first sight, and albeit a totally different style, i so sense kahlo.
thank you, thank you. i'm sitting here with my mornin' cuppa, and i thoroughly enjoy.

Anonymous said...

you made me smile. Happy illustrations, i love it.

I'm from Milan, but now i live in a small town near Verona. I'm glad you like italy, sometimes we italians don't appreciate what we have. I have never been to Perugia!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Milady Stephanie,
your lovely drawing is wonderful as is usual. And - for me its a bittersweet tale/tail in there(?) Sorry - my heart feels a little bit broken...
You can walk on a yellow brick road to get back home, where the heart is. At that place where you are able to see all your babes growing. Wonderful.

Lauren Mcintosh reminds me of a more soften Frida Kahlo. Like it a lot.

Kiss on forehead...
Love.xo Ariane.

Elisabeth said...

The sheep! :) You made me feel light, I felt like jumping and hum a happy song. With a sheep or two as a company.

Milady Productions said...

Loveley Ladies...
Carmel -yes the idea of motherhood has always made me feel happy - just trying to feel that way through the stages of my children's growth. They aren't babies anymore! :(

Nadine - wow, such a nice long thoughtful response! i'm touched.
thank you! i msy just be brave and change my banner!
i have been connecting with this old Englishness in me lately. so its wonderful to hear that i'm not nuts!
My babies are in mid-kid ages now, the sheep is my baby her name is Blossom - you can see her in my flickr. so yeah- i love babies and all things tender and new and innocent. The wizard of oz = journey into the unknown with some hope of glorious prize ahead. I'm trying to see it through the woods right now.

Bobbi- Isn't it true we all need persepctive to love what we have sometimes? i look at your life and SHE is living the dream! I've spent some time in Milan - too fashionable for little ol me but glorious all the same!

Ariane - you sensitive intuitive rose! yes, the bittersweetness is there. in fact its what that piece is about. i feel like i'm mourning my own idea of motherhood - when kids are little everything is so sweet and enchanted (and totally crazy!) they believe everything you say and have no problems playing along, being creative, being with you. american economy, insecurity is threatening my faith in the yellow brick road! My eldest will be leaving the house in less than 3 years!
just transitioning...i think it's called a mid life crisis! :)

Elisabeth - jump and kick! lambs make everything better! :)

Milady Productions said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...

What a fun painting full of movement. You have a way with water color. I study your work! It always makes me smile.

jasmin said...

Stephanie! I didn't know that you were in this week - I have added you at the top of the list.
The word tail conjured up VERY different responses from everyone. So interesting.
I am in mother/child transition stage too. I have been reading good books, listening to some that are wiser than me, listening to my daughter, listening to my heart, trusting the universe and letting go of some things...... all good.

Milady Productions said...

Picasso...we have reincarnated into mothers this life, so glad to have found you again!

Fru Mju said...

oh, this beutiful post left me amazed and speechless! i live the hustle and bustle of having 3 boys (6,4 and 2) and i love it. i look at your painting and think, yes, this is how i feel.
thank you <3


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