Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Long overdue...and a big Thank You!

To Hi Happy Panda's Rachel, for taking the time to gush her gratitude for winning my Suprise Giveaway way back in November.  Rachel is one amazing photographer, mama documentary artist of life's adventures....you know, the kind of adventures peeking in windows, looking up in trees, exploring places and meeting people.  Her blog takes me travelling - just the way I like it, down the road less travelled.
She and her family are a delight and I am so happy she loves her prize.

BTW if you ever wonder where i've disappered to or would like to see wht makes milady tick...i am most likely feeding my soul on Pinterest
It is the greatest invention ever! I will never need a magazine again. Visual salvation. love it!

xo milady


Kristen Donegan said...

how could she not love that!

(PS I know what you mean about Pinterest or should I say dangerous)

Rachel said...

Your words made my day. A day I am so tired, homesick, and ready to go home... you reminded me of a few important things.
I thank YOU!

Milady Productions said...

Kristen, ha ha yes, dangerous, but somehow i justify the time spent there because it is so artistically stimulating! it's my "city" fix out here in the boonies!

demie said...

A lovely gift of gratitude! Rachel is a sweetheart : )


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