Friday, March 16, 2012

Define: Your Art

Who am I according to the Cloud ?

I am in the midst of reviewing, reviving and reincarnating the way I project my art to the world.
Cyber - speaking.
Funny how hard it is to nail it down in tidy little keywords.
Funny how i'm not entirely sure what i'm doing! :)  I know what I am drawn to and what I feel. But labelling it? Whoa there horsey!
If you please, I'd love to hear from YOU!

Here are some questions:

1. What strikes you most about my work?

2. Is there a name, title movement that you feel my work fits in? (e.g. folk, rustic, neo...etc...)

3. If you had to spout off 5 words to describe what you see here what would they be?

4. Make up a phrase!

Whoever comments will be entered into a random GIVEAWAY of a MILADY NECKLACE! winner may choose!
Drawing will be April 4th. So please...think it over !:) I value your thoughts.

"Unlike folk art, visionary art is entirely spontaneous and individualized."

American Visionary Art Museum

Thank you in advance,

Your truly,



demie said...

I have only lately connected with oyu and I am really louzy describing art work but I think your work have originality and something inspired by folk art maybe?

By the way I don't think there is any artist who really know what their doing ; )

Do you have to label yourself? Just paint, play with colours, have fun : )

renilde said...

Dear Stephanie, i like your work alot and i'll give it a try to answer your questions.
1. The spontanity, the flowing, dancing lines.

2.Not really, it has connections with several movements but is rather original in my opinion.

3.Cheerful,airy,heaven and earth, freedom, canty.

4. Rustic reinvented with a touch of magic and mystery.


Milady Productions said...

thank you Renilde! i am collecting everyones thoughts, making lists, mulling over adjectives and phrases. I really love Rustic Reinvented! I so appreciate your time and thoughts and of course compliments!
it is snowing again after a glorious week of spring warmth. i think i may finally get my Connection drawing done today.

Milady Productions said...

Thank you too Demie! i like getting original and folk in your response. its good i don't fit in a box and i agree with playing and having fun!
I love hearing what everyone has to say.
so far you only have one competitor in the giveaway!

Lisa Anne Baumbach said...

Hello Miladay!

Thanks for your kind words on my new blog. I just stopped over to yours to see what you are up to. Here are my thoughts about your work: It has an old world, medieval feel and therefore, there is something spiritual about it. It is the art of living, of movement, and of change and growth.
Hope this is helpful to you. So awesome to see you moving right along!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

how delightful to play along like this. i am clapping my hands here!!!! ;))).
and well done you, stephanie. i am thrilled for the attention you are getting. your work is awesome. ...

1. its honest charm. the hang to historic interpreation of any chosen topic.
2. arts and crafts, darling!
3. colourful in a faded way, rustic, playful, dreamy, ethereal.
4. mystery comes easy if you want it.


Rachel said...

1. I like that your paintings tell a story or convey an emotion. They are calm and beautiful.

2. folk, spiritual (sometimes),

3. in your art I see: gentleness, color, a time past,
portraits, country

4. It's hard to beat Renilde's "Rustic Reinvented" . Thats all I can think now because it's so perfect. I'll just ditto that.

PS. Don't enter me in the giveaway...I am already a winner of one of your creations!

Milady Productions said...

what a treat it is for me to see what you have written - so thoughtful and honest! i knew i could count on my cloud friends to help me.
I am swirling and twirling in words! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
I agree a lot with Demie, but if I must give a answere on your questions it will be ....
1:The relaxed, happy, sometimes just simple but always touching
2:Natural and happiness,and just Art :-)
3:Happyness, touching, enyoying and fairytale like.
5:fragile, cheerful but clear in all forms.\\

But just enjoy!


objectsofwhimsy said...

whimsical :)

Patrice A. said...

dear friend,

this one I had missed
you ask question I can hardly answer looking at my own work, but I will give it a try

1. your strong lines, spontaneous way of drawing
2. movement?.... maybe arts and crafts?
3. honest, happy, warm, welcome, earth
4. the art that embraces all of the living things on earth

(this would be so, so, much easier for me in Dutch, but I hope you understand!)


Milady Productions said...

dancing lines, warm, welcoming, whimsical, honest...i am seeing what you see and it matches to what i feel...what a wonderful confirmation!

thank you so much friends!

remember, the GIVEAWAY isn't until april 4th so there is still time to enter!


Ariane Reichardt said...

...please, wait for me!
Dearest Milady Stephanie Morgan,
as Patrice, for me it would be so much easier to tell you in German... my MOTHER tongue.

But maybe there is already one of a discription of your artwork: its based in each one's HOME.

1. Lightness
2. Folk tale illustration
3. easily, colourful, ink, wise, loving
4. LOVE! I repeat, but thats the point, honey ;-)

Hugs and kisses,
xx Ariane.


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