Saturday, March 3, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Blanket

Handmade quilts by my grandmother's grandpeople.

restoration hardware - but you get the idea :)

Makes me think of moms and babies,
Of grandmas and hand stitched gatherings
Of ladies around a big table,
Chatting and assembling
The scraps and memories of fabric worked to the bone.

We have alot of faux fuzzy lamby blankets around the house.
We buy them at the store.
But they are warm and cozy and make you look like a giant teddy bear
in soft browns and creams.

Good thing too because it is still freezing here. A fresh blanket of snow the last few days.Christmas like.
We live under piles of blankets to read a book, watch a movie, and I wrap one around my neck like a shawl like some old woman from a nursey rhyme as I walk from one end of the house to the other.

I didn't draw but let my great grand ladies speak for me with their beautiful stitches and floral remnants.
I am lucky to have what's left of them.

For more blankets visit the adorable quilt covered Greta for more!

xo milady


Ariane Reichardt said...

My dearest Lady Stephanie,
thank you very much for your view out of the kitchen window! The mountains are pink! You're a lucky duck... its so very pretty.

Even your heritage from your Great Grandmothers are stunning beauty. Those stitched, flowery blankets... made by hand.
Making art is running through your family like a golden thread...

I wish you a cozy weekend under your blanket, my friend. Stay warm.


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

my thoughts exactly, i have no heirloom quilts, but since i made us a few, years ago, and when they pop out of their boxes again, i must give them a good, thorough rinse, adding to the aged effect and then throw them around. oh, a thing to look forward to. i can hear the sound already, a blanket flapping its corners to the air...
also; how-to-make-an-american-quilts-individual-life-stories pop up... ;)))
enjoy your lamby sunday!!

Patrice A. said...

these old blankets
soft colored
and used
I am thinking of making one
with pictures of the two of us
because this year we will be together
for 25 years

lovely post Stephanie

tanïa said...

Lovely quilt, colours and patterns are so beautiful! Always good to have lots of blankets in the house, I have several blankets, too!

Milady Productions said...

yes ariane - the mountains turn pink in the evenings. we call it "peter Pan sky" :)and thank you for your thoughtful comments regarding my ID /smr. Maybe YOU are my fairy godmother?!
I really appreciate it.

patrice & woolfy-
i am impressed! 25 years AND time to stitch! yes, what wonderful heirlooms you are making. anytime is a good time to pick up the tradition!

Tania - thanks for coming over with your blankies :)

versus said...

Belle découverte que votre blog!
I will come again!
Versus from Quercy, France.


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