Monday, February 27, 2012

Monogram : Drawing Challenge

Ink, i.d., initials
What's in a name?
I've been pondering a name change.
But I love my "smr" logo.
Lots of artists just use their name, so i just plucked out one of them.
So many of you have come to know me as "milady" - and that would never change.
But i need a cohesive i.d. Something that umbrellas all I do.
what do you think?
Morgan, ink.
besides, M's are the funnest to pen with ink.
I look forward to your thoughts on this matter!!!!!

Patrice A. is our hostess this week.See her Monogram flourish before your eyes!

xo milady


Patrice A. said...

lovely post!
so glad you join this challenge
the theme fits you perfectly!
I like your SMR very much
but understand the change
Morgan ink sounds good to me
and like you said
the M is a fine letter to draw


Milady Productions said...

oh thank you Patrice! i need my peeps' opinions! milady productions popped up in my head about 16 years ago - just sort of stuck. But i have heard now from 2 very powerful people that it might be agood idea to change - the name doesn't exactly conjure up what i am. sounds more like a film company! in fact when i google it - it is a film company, a beauty school supply co. and a russiona dominatrix!! haha. that's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Morgan sounds good to me, but I also like your SMR !

good luck!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

of course, stephanie.
your monogram was born a long, long time ago...
it has weathered with us already, and i'm happy you draw this back to my attention.
it really is beautiful!

i wouldn't consider a monogram change as such, not really.
i think it reflects your style very well, and although you can recreate your style in all the words in the world, i'm sure, this is very YOU, isn't it?
from milady productions to morgan, ink sounds tempting. how about smr, ink, or is that too cryptic?

on a different note; i understand the longing for a breath of fresh air... behold, sister! spring is coming!

Milady Productions said...

Acghhh the torture of indecision!
I know! i am attached to smr, milady, mp, morgan ink...i wish my fairy godmother would come slap me and tell me EXACTLY what would be thebest thing to do.
I'm attempting to refine and nail what i do in a brand that is connected to my name.
I really appreciate all your comments though! kEep them coming!
Spring is coming. New birth's all i can do to say NO to a new lambie :)

mano said...

oh, I love the "M", too - my name is Mano! but I like your SMR - it looks so beautiful. and your ink-monograms as well.
thank you for visiting my blog! x mano

Hagar said...

dear Stephanie,

Beautiful post...

Love the SMR and also Morgan, ink...

Both of them sound lovely to me...:-)

Julia da Franca said...

hm. maybe i don't get it, but SMR are your name initials
(i absolutely love that monogram) and there must be a way to combine them with "inc." just under your M!
so you can have it all. if you feel the longing for a change, just do it, changes/fresh starts/starting a new life are always my favorite things to do:) love, julia

Milady Productions said...

julia! i was just thinking the same thing...that the morgan ink and smr have got to live in that logo. the MP is from milady Productions...
thank you for your thoughts!!! i love hearing from all of you.

demie said...

you monogram is great... I like the flow of the pen ( ink) on your handwriting : )

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh my... dearest Milady Stephanie!
Now, with time I've read your post and all the comments.
I just love the name 'Milady' for you. Allways reminds me on an strong and lovely Irish Lady who can do everything she wants: beeing woman, mother, farmer, artist (artfarm!) aso.
When I look at your flyer, an original!, there are your 'SMR' and 'Milady Productions', and both wearing a crown... and the crown looks like a 'M'. Really a crown of a Lady!

Hmmm, and I've heard that 'Milady Productions' have different meanings?

'SMR' with a 'M' in the middle which is biggest...
Milady... Morgan... the M-crown. The 'inc.' under it, as Julia and you already said.

Maybe your fairy godmother will not came and slap you but will kiss you...



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