Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Butterfly

 Butterflies Flutterby

1. Once upon a time there lived a giant Butterly who was made of Golden Sun and Blue Sky.
2.There lived also a man who was happy most of the time which made him colorful.
3.The Giant Butterfly had 3 little children and their followed their mother everywhere.
4. One day, they flew by the man who was only feeling his blue color.  Their magic was so powerful their wings sucked all the color out of him.
5. The mother saw all the colors rising otwards her and was happy.
6. The man , however, was not.

7.The man became so mad that his color was stolen that dark clouds began to gather and droop all around him.
8. After a long while he gave up and fell down in hopelessness.
9. /10. At that moment when the man was most hopeless, his cry for help burst through the clouds.
11. The Giant Butterfly and her children's colors made the black cloud go away while following her flight back to the man below.

 And they all lived colorfully ever after!
Flying, winged, hope and magic...I never tire of these images! Today, Morgan and I made a cartoon while being lazy in bed. It's Sunday afterall! Perhaps Monday by now at Nadine's across the world from me. Be sure to visit her amazing shop while you flying over the land of Tiny Woolf!
 Oh well, I always say...better late than never!

xo milady


Makeminemidcentury said...

I love your cartoon. Don't ever throw it away.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

dear sweet stephanie and morgan,
how did you know i am reading this as it is early monday morning and i am beating a dark bout of insomnia. as a matter of fact, i have just given up going back to sleep and read the world wide web instead.
how amazing this here story about mankind, injecting colour and sun and sky, lest not forget the fluttering-bys of wings....
a morning in bed spent the creative way is just the thing.
thank you for your praise too, stephanie. you are lovely!

Patrice A. said...

this work is the best!
a cartoon!!!!
and a great story

it is a long time
since I made something together
with one (or two) of my sons
I love it!


will you join next week's challenge?
I will post it somewhere this morning

renilde said...

You and Morgan made me smile, not only the cartoon but also the idea of lazy sunday mornings in bed just enjoying the moment.
I am glad the man got his colors back in the end :) x

Milady Productions said...

MMMC don't worry! i am the keeper of all things kid colored! :)

Woolfy - how perfect, the timing, all of us awake in bed! :)

Patrice - thank you! you know, I am starting to lament the days of co creating with my children...they are growing up. Morgan will probably always play with me. He is the kind of creative soul you never grow out of!

Renilde - Yes me too! Colors always win!! and yes, the long moments of togetherness is art in itself i think!

demie said...


tanïa said...

great pleasure to read your cartoon and your words! so different way to approach the theme and so lovely to do that together in bed! :-)

Rachel said...

I love it!!
i hope morgen is doing well after her dental visit.


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