Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She still loves me

Blossom finally got a haircut. It was a big deal finding someone with the proper shears for her overdue coat of wool. I thought she'd never hold still, would hate me for life for subjecting her to nicks and shaving trauma but instead she is happy. She still lets me play with her ears and scratch her bony head. We didn't even have to hold her down. The pigs got out and found her wool on the ground. They went CRAZY! Rolling and snurfing and coming up with wooly moutaches and beards dangling from their snouts. It was one of the most hilarious farm moments to date.
Blossom is the best Lamb dog a girl could ask for.
One drawback...the sheep part, she poops often & on the go and eats my flowers.
oh well.
xo milady


Anonymous said...

She's adorable - I ever wished to have a sheep and keep it like a dog. Everybody laughs at me, but reading about Blossom, the lamb dog, I still have hope! :)

Love your blog, I'll have to come back!

Anonymous said...

Hi again! Thank you so much for visiting and for your wise words... now I'm optimistic about a lamb-dog! Hope you will update on Blossom!

Anonymous said...

Thank you (!!!) Loved the movie, what a beautiful countryside, great kids - and of course, my dream - the lamb dog! The whole family saw it together, and me more than once :)
Have a wonderful weekend, all of you!

Biel Carpenter said...


Milady Productions said...

Thank you, as you can see, I like these animals too!


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