Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its About Time

roscoe and duke herding up the mamas and babies from the mountain

can u see morgan?

roscoe & pistol
Hello dear friends out there! I have been a busy art farmer ranch lady. No time to sit inside and hyperlink (which, BTW takes me wayyyy to long...any easy tips? why is it always duplicated? i'd sure appreciate it - i may even post more often!) I have so much to tell you.
My adventure to the ocean, my life as a ghost host, my car that sounds like a monster truck and has left parts of itself across america, the demo that was my boy's bedroom and bathroom because of an internal leaking pipe, kids sleeping on the floor like dogs...pig raising, showing, horse grooming, parades, rodeo, gardening, the dream kitchen reno on a fantasy budget (why do i torture myself?)and oh yeah! the first day of school and all that jetlag from waking up so un-naturally early! x x (those are my eyes)
its about time, time i posted, time i haven't.
so get ready for some catch up.
im serious about the hyperlink drives me crazy!!!


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I'd like to help ... I don't even know what hyperlink is.

Your surroundings always leave me spellbound.

Milady Productions said... know!..that handy little word you can click on that takes you to other worlds? its a code thing that the old world soul of mine can't seem to master. but i can herd cows like nobody's business! :)


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