Monday, July 26, 2010


i woke this am to hear the squawking of a bird in my house, a baby blue jay who had fallen in the toilet whilst trying to escape ">Jujee. The little brothers have been on a Lord oF the Rings kick as of late. Roscoe the Brave put on his elfin cloak and lead the way into the Fairy Forest where he searched for a safe place to rest and wait.
we did what we could.
too bad we weren't real elves with special powers.Posted by Picasa
xo milady


Make mine Mid-Century said...

I was going to say he looked a bit like St Francis rescuing that bird.

Milady Productions said...

i love St Francis! :)

Walter Helena said...

Oh this is too precious! Thank you for sharing :)

I'd like to invite you to enter my giveaway for one of my original giclee canvas photographs :)

You can find the giveaway over at my blog a few posts back.


merel said...

What a beautiful little bird...

Jenny said...

Poor Jujee. I'm glad he wasn't alone at the end.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had special power after all - what a beautiful bird; we don't have jay's in Norway (I think...)


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