Sunday, April 29, 2012

April so far

Its been a blur of a month! So much is happening but that means I am B U S Y!  So here are a few pics to illustrate some significant events of late.
Easter, the egg hunt in the Fairy Forest, little people's first egg, Me and Lambie's birthday and the ever so exciting and glittering highschool prom.

Hope you are all well and full of Spring energy!

xo milady


Patrice A. said...

happy birthday to you two
and that prom looks so nice
we do not have that in the Netherlands
those eggs looks great
and I would love to join
that egg hunt next year

wish you a fine week

Milady Productions said...

thanks for visiting Patrice! I wish i had time to play with you all but as you can see...not enough time in the day!
we are lucky enough to live in such a small town the kids get to "promenade" down the Titanic like staircase of a historic hotel before the dance. some of the kids break out in choreographed dance moves and pose for pictures. its really fun! My daughter is in the red dress and her date has the gigantic rental shoes in white patent pleather.:)

renilde said...

that cake...HMMMMMM
beautiful photos, x


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