Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tea Time A drawing Challenge

 I desire a large cup of tea....

unknown source

lovely earl grey tea  
with its fragrant bits of Bergamot and Lavender and a little splash of cream...mmmmmm

I should like to sip it here while i wait for company....

tash tudor
such as dear Tasha Tudor
And a flamboyant mad man in plaids and tweed

and whoever else wanted to come....
                           and share a cuppa
share their thoughts
on what inspires them.

 I am already there! With all these dear inspirations seated at Ariane's Table...please come!

Amber Alexander


Patrice A. said...

hello you!
I have missed you
and your wonderful post
I would love to drink tea with you
in that wonderful place


Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Milady,
its a birds-nest, isn't it? A cosy safe place to wait.

A wonderful, pretty cup of tea!
Earl Grey is my favorite, but I don't know this tea with lavender?!

The link to Tasha Tudor (Tudor, what a royal, european name)... beautiful drawings.
Even my family meet at teatime everyday... when the kids come from school and I from work before my husband go to perform at the theatre in the evening.

And, of course, thank you for your teatime!


Victoria said...

Super beautiful! Such a wonderful tribute! Gorgeous and magical!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i love your cuppa, and would love to share some earl grey with thee. but ha! look at the time, it's midnight over at yours, you might have gone to sleep. never mind. sweet dreams.

Julia da Franca said...

me too! how i wish i could sit beside the neautiful bear on the sofa, of course together with you!♥ julia

renilde said...

Missed you too but wow there you are with some great posts and a great cup!xx

Hagar said...

Love your colorful drawing...
What a wonderful tea party you've created here...:-)

Color Land said...

Would love to drik tea in that wonderful place too! Your cup of tea it's so beautiful, love the colors, everything in your post it's adorable!

demie said...

love your huge teacup. and your company : )

Terri said...

Hello Milady, I am new to your blog and your most recent "follower". Isn't that a funny thing to say???

I adore your tea time drawing! I would love to draw like you!
Your images are so wonderful, I would love to join you in tea in your magical hideaway. If Tasha comes....I really really want to be there too!
I just finished reading her book on Heirloom Crafts...for the second time....
She is so very inspiring!
Thank you so much for sharing your post with us.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I adored Tasha tudor. Still adore her. And I can be without tea, I can't really function. Right now I'm mad because my electric boiler I have in my shop just broke. i love working while drinking tea, it helps me to concentrate.
Your drawing is pretty as always.

Milady Productions said...

thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!
Glad to be back FRIENDS!:)
ariane- the lavender is a little designer addition - i don't know what its called either but its pretty!?
welcome Victoria,Hagar, Demi and Terri!
bobbi, yes i agree, tea is so helpful in concentrating - if i drank as much coffee as i did tea, i'd be a nervous wreck!!!!!!
Tasha Tudor...sometimes i think i am on her path esp when i'm with Blossom (lambie). I've grown up with her illustrations and love her garden and craft books. what a sweet soul!
Cheers to all of you!

Zaa said...

Dear Milady ... Such a lovely post filled with some of my most favourite themes... Thanks for sharing your delightful teatime imaginations... I'm your newest follower..Hugs


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