Saturday, August 20, 2011

A little Space to Reflect and a really crooked bunch of photos

 So, what you ask, have I been doing? 
well, here is just a snippet. A peek, a quick dip in the daily life
of me.

I taught little children to  believe in fairies and make
inviting houses and gardens for them.

They named me Miss Margaloo and clung to my arms by the end of the classes.

I loved my little friends and their sweet creative spirits.

even if some terrariums got mixed up like a  blender.
Everyday i look to see whos living in my fairy forest
with as much anticiaption as my little friendsnever wanting this green
magical summer grass to end...

And lambie's wool needed cropping again
And my first born blossomed into a young lady
turned 16!
Lambie thought the piglets, Lola and Frederick. were her long lost babies

Some friends opened an artists co op this summer
where i have sold 8 paintings!

Driving back and forth to town in my favorite old red truck.
and by some miracle pulled off a successful show of milady productions - a product line of my art
 in our park last week! I won best booth :)

and POOPED but excited and motivated.
did i mention the new puppy?


Ariane Reichardt said...

Milady! Dearest Milady,
wow, wow, wow, congrats!
Congrats to your wonderful 16 years old Princess, good looking and adorable!

Congrats to your work with these little fairies... I can see them in you wood also, its really wonderful.

And: Congrats to your winner booth, its enchanting and glamorous and I wished I could be there at your park with you, your art and friends. And later we'll drive in your red truck, home to the puppy... puppy? Tell me/us more!

I can't get enough from you, honey!
Love, much love, Ariane.

P.S. Please let 'Dream' comes true in September!

Patrice A. said...


I am on holiday
in Friesland
the husband and kids are sailing
and we have internet
so I visited you
you busy girl
I love it all
yhe puppy
your gorgeous girl
your work
your booth
the fairies
I am proud!!

love, love, love it all


Milady Productions said...

thank you Ariane and Patrice for visiting me! I wish I could pile you all in my red truck and go for a ride!


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