Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its Rodeo time

Another year, another rodeo, and i turn around to see my baby's a lovely young lady

we ride in the parade and hootin and hollerin when someone does something impressive like this

My girl rides like nobody's business

like her daddy

we set up a picnic in the back of the ol red truck and watch the red neck ruckus up front and center

Rosie will be the Queen's attendant ..again. Let's just say there are old town politics that override riding skills.
it's disappointing, for her but she keeps her head high and rides like nobody's business!

this is officially the end of our summer, the chill in the air says " no more swimming in the river
and soon, we will be saying good-bye to these little guys.
cycle of life.
ranch, farm, country living.
i signed up for it
but that don't mean i can't be sad.

stay tuned for more of the country fair, kids and animals etc...this weekend.
xo milady


Patrice A. said...

your live is so different from ours!
our little dog 'kissed' a calf and a horse, but did not like the sheep
we stayed in Friesland, the northern part of the Netherlands, where there is a lot of cattle breeding, but no rodeo!
like your piglets, and can understand you will be sad, even it is as it is

happy weekend!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

wow, slice of your life... cheers for this... proud, proud you sound!!!
oh, and yes, that looooooovely chill in the air...

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh my...
dearest Milady,
my proud Lady... your Rosie! Whoopee!

I can see Johm Wayne right beside your red truck... amazing!

Love to you,

renilde said...

Beautiful , beautiful!! Your daughter looks lovely and strong, x


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