Saturday, July 30, 2011

THEATER: Drawing Challenge

This is what i came up with .  An intuitive browse through my files...trying to tell a story about THEATER>
Starring as ME , mother, creator, artist, caretaker in the SET of my life; rural, ranch, home, land, remote.
Home is my stage, Improv is my life.
I wish i had time to doodle and create but life is speeding up as summer races towards an end.
Did i tell you? I am preparing for an art show in 2 weeks! A small town sort of arts/crafts event that draws a crowd to our little nook in the west.
Visit my fellow beloved performers and enjoy the show!
kristen ?
ritva welcome!

any others? Don't be shy! the theme is open ended! I have so much more to tell you, about my life as a young dancer growing up in the Seattle Opera House and falling asleep under velvet cushions to the lullabies of Wagner.

xo milady


Makeminemidcentury said...

I love how your life is your theatre and you just have to improvise!

So perfect and true. You have an interesting history, don't you?

As much as I want summer down here, I don't want it to end for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere ... everyone up there enjoys the warmth so much.

Congrats on your Art Show, milady!xo

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

you always make me long and linger for more... i don't know what it is, it all feels fitting. you have great plans! you are a busy hand, if ever i encountered one. but it feels so right!
i was already gonna say, this is the stage of your life, isn't it? and there you said it... ;)
cheers for hosting amongst all that busy-ness....
when are you gonna write that book, and illustrate it?
[oh dear! another thing on that to do list...]

renilde said...

There is that dancing feeling in your work you know, curling, floating, dancing brush strokes, lithe lines.
Very attractive!!

Have a great show! x

barbarabeesblog said...

I like your painting collection, its like a view in an ancient theatre world - and I love the look through your fenced with your dog!
And good luck for your upcoming show - looking forward to your pics about it!

Kristen Donegan said...

Life is theater - :)

what good news about the art show! Congratulations!

Is the picture w/ horses your home??
Very beautiful!

Ritva said...

sounds great stephanie!
good luck with your exhibition!

theater has always been in my life, one way or another. spent a lot of time there :)

and yes, i´m in.

Rachel said...

I love hearing little bits of your story, getting to know you. You are an inspiration with all those kids, the farm, your students, your art, your improvisation...

and just today for some reason, i took a good look at the paper you paint on. it's so textured and archaic, it adds feels so right for your style.

Oh how I wish I could attend your art show! I would love to be there to support you and to see your work in person.

Best of luck, dear Stephanie!

I had a very busy week, I didn't draw but I do have an anecdote and a song to share, something about the limelight and my dear older brother...

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dearest Milady,
you are a very busy director... sometimes like in a circus, isn't it? with rodeo-riding artist, a boy whos looking like arisen from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (Roscoe?)... I love your SET of your THEATRE! I love the decor and the curtains in your first picture... where do the scene play? in green Ireland?

I'd like to dive in your paintings, in your palette of colours... so beautiful. And I'd like to come to your art show!

Love, Ariane.

Milady Productions said...

Good morning my friends!
i love waking up to comments !:)
Carmel - yes improvisation is the key don't you think? rigidity is certain to crack the rythmn of family life! not to mention make us run for the nearest asylum!

woolfie- thank you so much for your words! we share a vein in the universe, where we meet, conversing in images of ink and letters. i do have that "book"(s) on my to do list - you urge me to remember that! :)

renilde- oh how i love your impression of dancing and curling! there is definitely a feeling to it when i know it's "right" not forced but flowing! xo

Barbara - an ancient theater world ! it reveals itself to me as i paint - a place i'm longing to get back to! and yes, my view. not bad eh?

Kristen - yes that is my view from my home. those aren't horses, its a herd of wild elk, some deer and cows in the distance. They were all out there one day so i took that pic. my little cattle dog was so overwhelmed he just sat there and stared. :) The ongoing scene change in my theater!

ritva - welcome! i love your lumetta. it is sooooo beautiful. like a glimpse into heaven. I like to play and imagine - i guess that is what theater is all about! :)glad to meet you!

rachel- i didn't really draw either lol! often i feel like i am "cheating" but that doesn't really matter anyways. i love the way we all take a work and EXPRESS it somehow. we are a creative support group! :)
and you always come up with something amazing. rush. what a flashback!!!!:)

Dear Ariane - and you my dear, always so thoughtful and attentive.
i LOVE the idea of a DIRECTOR yes! that is my role!!! a circus master, conductor of chaos! love it!

THANK YOU ALL for all the well wishes on my show. im gonna need it!
its mostly going to be small items, products like cards and small prints and the launch of my new product : Milady Productions Heirloom prints.sorry you will have to wait ! ;)

Patrice A. said...

dear Stephanie,

what a grand post!
lovely work
dancing lines
beautiful, beautiful view
would love to sit there
and watch, no, enjoy the surroundings
and that last picture
like Ariane, I had to think of
A Midsummer Nights Dream!
I just love it all

good look with your Art Show!

love x

Milady Productions said...

oh, ARIANE, the little boy was a student of mine the morning after a concert in the park - he still had remnants of his face painting!
we made miniature fairy worlds - he's showing us his mushroom! :)
Morgan is seen painting in my studio.

Patrice A. said...

what happened to my comment....

love your work
all you show us
and that view....
love it
would love, love to sit there


Mlle Paradis said...

just found your blog via nadine. delightful stuff! i'll be back! said...

Theatre, what a nice challenge. And you do is so well!

Rosamund said...

Ooooo...wonderful - all of it. Yes, please tell more and share more art. Best wishes with your art show. Sounds so fun!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Stephanie, Milady,
may I please invate you to the next weekend's drawing challenge with the theme: Metamorphosis?
Let me know, you're in...
x Ariane.


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